Slazenger Cricket Bat -Over View and Technical Details

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Slazenger brand  is established in 1881. It is dealing with cricket, tennis and Hocky goods since then. Now it is a popular brand across worldwide. Here we are going to introduce you Slazenger cricket bat V100. This bat is designed light weighted, generally it is of  (2lb 7oz – 2lb 10oz)  range that provides destructive precision at the stroke time. It is having a crafted concave back spine that is useful for delivering unbelievable “pick-ups”. Therefore there is a very light

Slazenger V100 Elite Cricket Bat

Slazenger V100 Elite Cricket Bat

feelings at the hitting time, that is necessary for high pick-up.

It is mainly a traditionally hand crafted English willow bat that gives optimum performance. Its power handle has a Octoplus grip design that offers tight grip for the upper hand and provides cushioning for lower hand that is the main necessity for comfort feeling, as we all know we can only play game even when we are comfortable. It is premium cane oval shaped handle. Some models of this Slazenger bat  series have toe guards provided by the brand only, but all the models of this series are pre-knocked in.
Contoured toe is also useful for providing light pick-ups. The main thing of this Cricket Bat is its power bow quality means this is having an ability to bend finely over, this increases power and control of the bat at the time of hitting. Its Extreme Edge Profile are responsible for widening the sweet spot of the bat, so that we get maximum outcome even after hitting off- centre stroke.
This cricket bat is endorsed and preferred by Paul David Collingwood.
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