Slazenger Cricket Bat V 100 Overview By Khelmart

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Shalazer’s Popular Cricket Bat , V100. This English Willow Cricket Bat is a ultra light weight Bat. The back shape of this cricket bat is concave which gives superb pickup and perfect monoeuvrability. Back Of the bat is also packed up with concave spine.
The Bat is made of Hand Selected English Willow and manufacturing Process is manual. As it is prepared  with great manufacturing skills of Slazenger so its give excellent performance while play shots on ground.
Handle of V100 Cricket Bat is made of premium cane which give improved power , feel and performance during tough playing condition.
Slazenger V1oo Cricket Bat Khelmart

Slazenger V1oo Cricket Bat Khelmart

Bat comes in pre knocked condition and few models is having the toe cover also.
Bow of bat is design smartly which gives improved power and performance. Xtreme  edge profile of bat gives larger sweet spot. Enlarge sweet spot give possibility to hid power stokes.  OctoPlus Grip Design gives improved upper grip design , it also give extra cushion to absorb the shock wave.
This cricket bat is very impressive and delivered maximum power , control and stability. Concave spine behind the bat gives extra power and pouch.
This Cricket Bat is used by great English Cricketer Paul David Collingwood.
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