Advantages of On Gold Standard 100 Whey Protein

This blog will explain you the specialties of On Gold standard 100 whey protein. this blog will give you detailed information on following parameters:

It will tell you its serving, its work, its requirement and the amount of all substance it contains and advantages of On Gold Standard 100 Whey Proteins.

ON Gold Standard Whey Protein Substances

On Gold Standard Whey Proteins provides you pure protein with very low fat, lactose and cholesterol level. With all these qualities it gives you 24% proteins per serving with full energy. It contains 120 calories, 1g fat, and 3g crabs and really less in cost in comparison to other products in market. On Gold Standard Whey Proteins helps you enhancing your stamina and strength and protects the body from diseases. It helps you in building immunity power by removing free radicals from the body also helps in lubricates the joints of the body and giving the perfect shape. Protein helps you in repairing your muscles tissues and in growing them. This will help you in achieving your goal faster with excellent muscles. It is specially prepared for bodybuilders looking for big and strong muscles. It’s the best Whey Protein Supplement available in the market in its category. It has all those substances which the more expensive Protein has and the specialty is also same this Whey on Gold Standard Protein is the best Whey Protein. It’s packed with isolates the purest form of packing. Some who are intolerant with lactose and gas is not being affected with this product.

On gold standard proteins


On Gold Standard 100 Whey Serves you in 1 Intake


  • Whey on gold standard 100 whey protein Proteins Consists isolates the pure 100% pure Protein.
  • It contains more than 4g glutamines which helps you in blend of muscles.
  • Whey on gold standard 100 whey proteins contains more than 5g of amino acids which helps in repairing tissues and building stamina and strength.
  • It’s Blend of Whey Proteins Isolate and Whey Proteins Concentrates.
  • It provides 24g protein with 1g of fat.
  • It is prepared with Isolates the double purified Protein which contains fat and crabs in very low amount.
  • Its price value is less than in comparison of all the products in the market containing almost same amount of substances and results.
  • It is specially prepared for building big and strong muscles and helps you in building muscular body.
  • What Is Glutamine?Glutamine is best in class amino acid in the body. Amino acids help in fast development of muscles tissues. It works at the time of stress and plays more important role in the body. It boosts up the tissues of the body and also be used in making sugar and amino acids.nutrition facts of On Gold Standard Whey Protiens

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Checkout full range of Whey Protein at

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Differences between Isolates Whey Proteins and Concentrates Whey Protein

In this Blog we’ll explain the difference between Whey Concentrate Proteins and Whey Isolate Proteins. This blog will define each and every point about the Whey Proteins and helps you in choosing the best Whey Protein according to your workouts need. Whey Protein gives required amount of Proteins to your body and helps you in your workouts with boosting you up. The Whey Proteins easily get into your muscles tissues comprising other Proteins items and they don’t need full digestion and results into faster than natural Protein rich diet such as Fish, chicken etc. The proteins you get from Whey Proteins shows their result faster instead of fish, chicken etc. Whey Proteins consists of amino acids (Full spectrum of amino acids) which gets into body easily and starts works in very short time in comparison of other Proteins sources. These Proteins are also of many types such as Whey Isolates,  Whey Concentrates and Whey hydrolysates. Whey Proteins is that source of Protein which contains amino acids in a large amount which helps in growing and building tissues. It’s the fastest digestive Protein in the market.

About Whey Protein

Isolates Whey Proteins vs. concentrates Whey Proteins

Concentrates Protein vs. Isolates Protein

Concentrates Whey Protein:

  • Whey is milk product when we purify the milk Whey separated from other substance. That’s called Whey.
  • Whey comes in the form of Concentrate Whey Protein have a extremely high lactose and fat.
  •  Whey Concentrate proteins have Biological value (BV). BV used to purify the Whey Protein from this lactose and fat.
  •   BV used to purify the Whey Protein form this lactose and fat.
  •  This will give you strong muscles, recover tissues and protect body from illness.
  • Concentrates Whey Proteins

Isolates Whey Protein:

  • Isolates Protein is double purified with method name ion-exchanges or cross-flow microfiltration.
  • It comes with very low cholesterol, fat and lactose. Lactose is milk sugar.
  • Lactose is not so affected with Isolates whey Proteins.
  • Companies also prepared lactose free isolates Protein they add lactase which helps in fast digestion.
  • If you are lactose, and gastric intolerant then Isolates protein is the best choice.
  • Isolates Whey Protein

Concentrates Whey Proteins: Whey Concentrate is an excellent source of Proteins and it have  it have BV (Biological Value) which gives you all the Proteins in 1 intake which you get from whole food in whole day and also it contains very less amount of  lactose, fat but if you compare with Whey Isolates then these values of Fat and lactose will be on higher side.

Isolates Proteins: This is upper grade purification of Concentrates Proteins again used to purify with a modified method named as Ion-exchange or cross-flow microfiltration. Isolates have only pure Protein with very low carbohydrates and fat almost free from fat, carbohydrates and lactose are purified in this method. Companies are also prepared lactose free isolates Protein  and they add lactase which helps in fast digestion also and make the Isolates lactose free.

If you are lactose  and gastric intolerant then Isolates protein is the best Whey Protein and also will help you faster in growing muscles. After studying both of these(Whey Proteins) for a long I find a lots of difference in these. if you use Isolate Whey then your growth  speedy tissue recovery, and no diseases easily touched your body. Whey Isolate is More expensive than Concentrate (may it’ll cost you twice as compared to Wehy Concentrate) because of its extra purification.

chart of absorption - Copy

Whey Concentrate is also an excellent Protein source. Don’t forget it have BV which gives you all the Proteins which you get from whole food and also pure it from the lactose, fat and cholesterol. It’s single filtered so it have fat, lactose and cholesterol in some high ratio than Isolates. But finally Isolates Whey Proteins are the best for growing muscles faster and also in helping to feel boost up. In Concentrates Protein consist high amount of amino acids with fat, lactose, and cholesterol which also works fast but in comparison of Isolate its slow.

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Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the most widely used as sport supplements.  Most people such as  athletes, bodybuilders uses whey protein to gain muscle for the competitive edge. For general population whey has been also proven to improve their overall health.
Whey is not only has essential amino acids for muscle growth and strength, but has been also help to increase immune function. Whey can help athletes to maintain a strong immune system.
People who suffer from Cancer, HIV, Immunity disorders,  they suggest to take whey protein. It may reduces the risk of diseases however proper consultation is necessary in order to reduce the risks.
Whey is associated with stress and this is the important benefit of protein. To recover from stress protein is helpful because it contain alpha-lactalbumin, which is an amino acid help as reducing action.
Whey Protein is widely used as a fat burning food. People who want to lose their weight or fat they can use protein in their diet.
The another benefit of whey protein is to build muscle. It helps in repairing muscle tears that occur during intense workouts.
To reducing high blood pressure whey protein helps.

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