The complete Badminton Racket Selection Guide by Khelmart

 While Choosing a Badminton Racket Keep in mind following points :
Yonex Badminton Rackets Selection Guide

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The most important pieces of equipment you will use in sports is the badminton racket. According to your ability and style you can choose the better one. First of all you have to know about product and you should have product knowledge. While taking your decision, think about either you playing most powerful shots, or more with control and precision. Both badminton racket and shuttlecock are essential for a badminton player. Every Racket has a different power and control which represents different features of rackets. To implements your needs you can choose the better racket according to your preference.  We create three group into different players which is the beginner, the intermediate and the advance group. According to player we can design a table. When you see this table you can easily makes your decision.
How does weight differ between rackets, and what is suitable for me?
 Weight :- Each rackets has different weights with different product features. To determine the weight of the racket’ head it is categorizes into three category which is heavy-head, balanced, or light-head. These three group are translate to offend, balanced, defense players . The normal weight of racket is upto 80-95g. The weight of racket determines how one can swing a racket faster. One can swing faster when racket is lighter.  Generally, a lighter racket is more maneuverable than a heavy one. For an offensive player a head-heavy racket is required, and for a defensive one it is head-light racket..
What is racket balance, and what difference does it make?
Racket balance is a very important features to maintaining its balance. It is the player personal preference which can you select. Balance is the final characteristics of the racket. The most popular racket is upcoming which is  Head balanced racket. This racket is more stable and when it is swung it gives higher angular momentum. Head light Badminton racket are easy to handle and maneuverable, this type of racket is needed for defensive player.
 Are badminton racket made in different grip sizes?
There are different sizes of grip which affecting the game. This will depend upon the player’s choice and its hand size. The standard grip size of the racket is G4 which is mostly found in almost badminton rackets. For smaller hand player G5 grip size is specially designed. A player having larger hands will prefer a larger grip and having smaller hand player will prefer a smaller grip.
Which head shape suits me best?
While buying racquet you must think about the racket head’s shape and weight. To determining the racket’s power and control these two aspects play important roles. There are two major head shapes which is Isometric and Oval. The most popular head’ shape  racket is isometric or square racket which is easily found. The features of isometric head racket is  enlarged in size and sweet spot which give off-centered hit a better response. The oval-shaped head has a smaller in size and its sweet spot gives more concentrated while it hits the stocks.
Why is shaft flexibility important?
A badminton racket flexibility comes from the shaft, or the area between the handle and the strung area of the frame. When time is maximum, the more power you can give to shuttle through the badminton racket. To generate good power, more strength and best technique should be used. In general, the shaft flex and the string tension are the two factors which control how long the shuttlecock makes physical contact with the racket. Since it requires more power, a racketthat is too stiff can prove too difficult to use for someone with a small stature or who is only starting to learn how to play badminton. That enables you control the shot more accurately. For beginners flexible rackets are more suitable because you don’t have to give extra power to play strong shots. Since less strength is needed.
What materials are rackets made from?
 Now a days badminton racket is made up of  carbon fiber and graphite composite. In rackets 99% graphite is mainly used. The racket’s frame is generally made from light weight metal such as graphite or aluminum. Lightweight rackets provides to find and hit fast-moving shuttlecocks which gives greater frame flexibility, durability and performance without compromising value for money.
  Lightweight rackets is the most manageable and maneuverable in nature.
While making the string of a racket nylon is used  and it gives strong and long lasting product which is cheap.
String tension explained
Good string can change a lot of difference to your playing badminton racket game. String is very important and essential part of the racket. Good string gives more power in your technique when it is appropriately setup which give you good feel, more control.. To get more durability and improve the control of a racket high string tensions is used whereas to increase control players used thicker string, but many players prefer the feel of thinner strings because its gives more power. It is the only choice of player which one they prefer.
String tension is varies from player to player. The table below will assist you in choosing the correct racket string tension.
upto 19-20lbs
upto 21-24lbs.
upto  25+ lbs.
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Yonex Badminton Racket ArcSaber 8 DX

The   ArcSaber Series of Badminton Racket utilise Yonex exclusive Cup-Stack Carbon Nanotube   technology to create a revolutionary blend of power and control. Positioned   at the sides of the racquet frame, this revolutionary technology absorbs and   harnesses energy from the shuttle    impact to provide the player with unparalleled feel during every shot.   This energy is then transferred into a return of supreme strength and   pinpoint accuracy. ArcSaber 8DX is specially designed to be strung to HIGH   TENSION: 22-27lbs (9.5-12.0kg) Comes strung with a full length head cover .See More details of Yonex Badminton Racket ArcSaber 8 DXat

Yonex Badminton Racket ArcSaber 8 DX
Yonex Badminton Racket ArcSaber 8 DX

Yonex Badminton Racket ArcSaber 8 DX

Yonex Badminton Racket ArcSaber 8 DX
















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Badminton Smash

Badminton Smash is the most potent of all badminton shots. There  is almost no defense against a well executed smash. It can be played  both on the forehand and backhand sides. Power of Badminton Smash is alos depands on type of Badminton Rackets you are playing with.

The smash is a shot hit with power and speed downward to your opponent’s court. The angle and the steepness of the  shuttle’s trajectory will make it hard for your opponent to retrieve.
Contact the shuttle further in front of your body than the clear or the  drop shot. The optimum hitting zone is located somewhere above the  central area of your racket.
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You can also jump and smash the shuttle at the  same time to generate more power and create a steeper angle for the  shot. This will give your opponent even lesser time to react. As this  is a more advance shot, master the normal badminton smash first before  taking on any jumping smash.
The feeling of being able to smash powerfully and  kill off a point is really great. But try not to get carried away. As  the badminton smash requires a lot of energy, use it only when the  opportunity arises. For example, a weak clear from your opponent to  your midcourt area. Do not tire yourself out unnecessarily.

Forehand Smash

The forehand overhead smash is similar to the action of throwing a ball. If you can throw a ball well, you shouldn’t have problem playing this  stroke. You can always practice throwing with a shuttle first before  stepping on to the court.
Here are some pointers for playing a forehand overhead smash.
- Adopt the forehand grip.
- Turn your body and stand sideways to the net with your non-racket shoulder facing the net.
- Shift your weight on to your rear foot.
- Bend your elbow and lock your wrist preparing to swing forward.
- Raise your non-racket hand and point at the shuttle to improve timing and balance.
- Contact the shuttle as high as possible and in front of your body  using a strong throwing action as if you are going to throw your racket  high and forward through the air.
- Straighten your elbow as you hit the shuttle.
- Snap down your wrist at the point of impact giving the shuttle extra power and angle towards your opponent’s court.
- Follow through with your racket and shift your weight from your rear foot to your front foot.
- Move back to your base position.

Backhand Smash

It is difficult to play a backhand overhead smash. Even experienced  players have problem with this badminton stroke. Try to play an ‘around  the head’ forehand smash whenever possible.
However, it is important that you know how to play the backhand  overhead smash. There are times when you just can’t play the shuttle  with your forehand.
Here are some pointers for playing a backhand overhead smash.
- Adopt the backhand grip.
- Turn your body so that your back is facing the net.
- Lead and shift your weight to your racket foot.
- Lift your arm from the shoulder with the forearm parallel to the floor.
- Hold the racket across your body with the racket head pointing down.
- Keep the racket arm and elbow close into your body.
- Hit the shuttle at a high point of contact and in front of your body.
- Flick down your wrist powerfully at the shuttle.
- A follow through is not needed.
- Move back to your base position.

Around the Head Smash

This is actually a forehand overhead badminton  smash played at the non-racket side of your body. Try to use it  whenever play permits as a forehand stroke is always better and more  powerful than a backhand.
The techniques for hitting this shot are about the same as the forehand overhead stroke with only some minor adjustments.
Here are some pointers for playing a forehand around the head smash.
- Stand squarely to the net.
- Bend your upper body sideways to your non-racket side as your arms come through.
- Shift your weight to your non-racket leg.
- Bend your elbow and bring the racket behind your head.
- As you swing forward, your forearm will brush the top of your head before straightening.
- Transfer your body weight rapidly as your non-racket leg pushes your body back to your base position.
An important thing to note here is that whether you are playing a badminton smash, a drop shot or a clear, your wrist plays a key part in creating deception.
The basic preparations for these badminton shots are the same, only the  angle of the racket face, the speed of the racket head and the point of  impact is different. Keep your opponent guessing.
Practice hard on your Badminton Smash and use it wisely. Be patient and wait for the opportunity to strike.

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Today, if you are thinking of purchasing high-quality sports goods at very reasonable rate then you should look for the same on the internet. This will help you save a lot of time, money and energy. Shopping online will enable you to purchase a large variety of sports goods that are branded and of high quality.

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online sports shop in India provides you with a vast range of sports goods and equipment pertaining to all kinds of sports. In the badminton category, along with badminton racket you can purchase badminton strings, badminton kits, shuttle cocks etc. Where football is considered you may purchase helmets, elbow pads, cleats, thigh pads, shoulder pads and footballs.

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When you have shopped at a store, if goods are delivered to you in damaged condition you can make a claim under transit insurance. You should report the same via email within 24 hours. While returning the product you should make sure that the invoices, labels, original price tags and the packaging is also returned.

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Online Sports Shops in India

The internet is perhaps the best place to look for high-quality sports goods at affordable prices. Online sports shops in India help you save big bucks, time and a whole lot of energy when you need to buy sports equipment. You can shop for all kinds of sports goods online like cricket equipment, football equipment, badminton equipment and basketball equipment, etc. from these online stores. You can even purchase online fitness equipment from them. Customers who shop online can save anywhere between 30% and 50% as these shops offer exciting deals.


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Latest Yonex Badminton Equipment

Badminton is a game that enjoys widespread popularity due to its easy and hassle-free playing techniques. You can now shop for badminton sports gear including badminton rackets from a reliable online store like, which offers the best sports products from well-known brands. Individuals, educational institutions and sports clubs, etc. buy sports gear from us to enhance playing experience.

Badminton Rackets

Badminton Rackets

One of the leading sports brands selling badminton goods is Yonex. This brand is known for selling complete range of badminton equipment, such as badminton rackets, badminton shuttlecocks and badminton shoes, etc. to help you play well. Yonex rackets make use of the innovative nano technology that make them durable and light weight.

Badminton lovers can find the best deals on Yonex badminton rackets online at If you use quality badminton equipment, you can definitely improve your skills set and thereby your performance. The right badminton goods are like tools for a mechanic. If you have the correct tools, you will do a good job. So, if you are a skilled player, having a Yonex badminton racket in your hands will ensure great performance.

Badminton shuttle cocks, rackets and badminton shoes from Yonex are designed by experts keeping in mind the diverse needs and requirements of badminton players. For example, Yonex shuttle cocks are made from high quality feather and fragile plastic that is wear and tear-resistant. Yonex badminton strings will help you win games when fighting a tough opponent as they provide better feel, power and control to the player.

Various models of badminton rackets online are offered by this brand. They use latest nano technology and offer the players the ability to play aggressive shots and maneuver the racket well. Some Yonex badminton rackets online are:

  • Yonex Badminton Racket Voltric 80,
  • Yonex Badminton Racket Carbonex 21 Special,
  • Yonex Badminton Racket Voltric 70 ,
  • Yonex Badminton Racket ArcSaber 003,
  • Yonex Badminton Racket Nanospeed 9900,
  • …and many more.

Specialties of badminton equipment @

  • Advanced technology
  • Different sizes and variations
  • Long lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Special designs is a user-friendly sports goods store that offers branded badminton goods. Apart from the Yonex badminton equipment, we also offer badminton goods manufactured by Cosco, Head and Nivea. We offer great discounts, and you will never find branded sports goods at such low prices anywhere else. Browse through our website for a comprehensive selection of badminton gear at the most affordable rates.


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