Guide On BDM Cricket Bat Series

BDM India’s leading cricket Equipment manufacturing Company located in Meerut known for supplying of high quality cricket equipments and accessories. This company manufactured cricket equipments such as: Cricket bats, balls, batting pads, gloves and many more. BDM produces the finest quality English willow bats with perfect control on bat profile, balance and shape. BDM cricket English willow cricket bats are choice of many of the international Cricket players players like: Sachin tendulkar, Virendra sehwag and yunus khan. With superior quality and strong manufacturing process, BMD is producing quality cricket equipment from almost 50 years and setting up bench mark for other cricket equipment manufacturing companies located in India and overseas

BDM English willow cricket bats are very popular in cricket players , BDM Cricket bat gives best quality bat performance , durability , better willow profile ,  Better grain profile and perfect bat balance.

This Blog will give you complete information of best BDM English Willow Cricket Bats.

BDM Dynamic Power Super Cricket Bat-

 Dynamic Power Super BDM  cricket bat

BDM Dynamic power super cricket bat is manufactured with top grade English willow cleft with better looks and a dynamic design that redistributes balance for superb pick up and outstanding performance. This BDM cricket bat has compressed thick edges for powerful strokes. BDM Dynamic power super bat is equipped with 9 to 11 straight gains and 12 piece swark cane handle that gives you outstanding feel, control and flexibility. Weight of bat is 2lb 8oz to 3lb. This BDM Cricket bat has unique twin color octo grip. Making of this BDM cricket bat uses superior English willow material which provides you fantastic and durable performance. BDM Cricket bat is made for advance level of players.

BDM Dyna Drive Cricket Bat-

 Dyna Drive BDM  cricket bat

Dyna drive cricket bat is newly designed bat with traditional arc shape. This bat is made from English willow and has ideal redistribution of weight and a perfectly balanced pick up. Dyna drive BDM cricket bat is equipped with 8 to 10 straight gains and 9 piece swark cane handle gets perfect flex in order to absorb shock in optimum way. Weight of bat is 2lb 10oz to 3lb. English willow dyna drive bat nurtured in india, with the handle and blade reinforcing the power and performance of the player and its lightness allowing more powerful hits. BDM Cricket bat is made for intermediate level of players.

BDM Sting Cricket Bat-

Sting BDM  cricket bat

BDM Sting Cricket Bat is made of hand selected English willow. It is packed with power arc blade with contoured edges. This bat is designed for the new generation of players. It consists of 6 to 10 straight grains. BDM Sting bat is designed to give high class performance for all kind of surface.  This BDM Cricket bat is fitted with multi piece cane handle which better control and feel. Weight of bat is 2lb 10oz to 3lb. It is equipped with short handle, multicolored and light pick-up. BDM Cricket bat is made for advance level of players with traditional bat profile.

BDM Galaxy plus Cricket Bat-

 Galaxy plus BDM Cricket Bat

BDM Galaxy Plus is manufactured with top grade seasoned English Willow cleft with natural air dried processing in India. As it is prepared with natural dried cleft it gives better grains profile and moisture level. BDM Galaxy plus English Willow  Bat is equipped with short handle and 9 piece imported cane handle which gives extra ordinary bat performance. Its traditional design and optimized bat bow is designed to give best in class Cricket bat. It has a unique shock absorb grip that offers perfect balance and trendy look. This BDM Cricket bat is made for professional level of players.

BDM Fire Cricket Bat-

 Fire BDM Cricket Bat

BDM fire Cricket Bat is made from the finest quality raw materials with extra thick edges. BDM fire English Willow Cricket Bat is equipped with groomed handle that powers the batsman with added feel, control and flex. This BDM Cricket bat is designed for more thick edges and extra thick bulge which gives extra ordinary bat performance. Weight of bat is 2lb 8oz to 3lb. BDM fire Bat provides you seamless balance and outstanding stroke power. It offers striking cosmetic looks and amazing hitting power. BDM Cricket bat is made for advance level of players with traditional bat profile.

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BDM Cricket Brand Information

BDM is a B.D. Mahajan and sons pvt. Ltd which was established in 1925. BDM is one of the leading company which exports high quality cricket products from India. During the world cup 1983 which was held in UK, the BDM Cricket Brand getting more popular. BDM Cricket Brand used latest technology with many expert craftsmen involved to create bow shape cricket bats for advanced cricketers. BDM Cricket bats made up from superior grade willow. For getting powerful strokes all bats are compressed with thick edges. It delivers better balance and pickup to the professionals for good performance.
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