Cricket Bats Weight Graphs in New Ways

Proper selection of Cricket Bats is based on many factors Like Grain Size, Handle Type, Willow Type, Bat Profile and Cricket Bat Weight.Each and every parameter is having its own impact on bat performance and it’s recommended to choose bat by checking all parameter careful as per individual playing style and future aspiration.

In this post we’ll focus more on Cricket Bat weight as it is major parameter in bat selection procedure.

Light Cricket Bats are good for generating the quick bat speed which can give benefits in many ways:

  • It allow batsman to generating quick bat speed.
  • As bat speed is more so player can easily middle the ball.
  • Player can quickly adjust the shots
  • Cricket Shots manipulation can be possible like dils scope.

On other hand heavy cricket bats is suitable for generating more power during cricket shots. Heavy Bat consist more meat (Wood) in middle of bat which give superb pickup for powerful shots. Perfectly design heavy bats give possibility to deliver good cricketing shots.

In order to facilitate the cricket players, we have identified the need to weight matrix of bats of different brand.Khelmart developed weight matrix of different brand bats in graphical form so that player can easily access the information and take better & intelligent buying decision.

Details of Graph:

Graphs are developed for different brand, On X Axis Model name is plotted while of Y Axis Weight of Cricket bats are plotted.

SG Bats Weight Chart:

SG Cricket Bats Weight Charts

SG Bats Weight Charts

 Kookaburra Bats Weight Chart:

Kookaburra Cricket Bats Weight Charts

Kookaburra Bats Weight Charts

SS Bats Weight Chart:

SS Cricket Bats Weight Charts 1

SS Bats Weight Charts 1

GM Bats Weight Charts:

GM Cricket Bats Weight Charts

GM Bats Weight Charts

Slazenger Bats Weight Charts:

slazenger Cricket Bats Weight Charts

slazenger Bats Weight Charts

Puma Bats Weight Chart:

Puma Cricket Bats Weight Charts

Puma Bats Weight Charts


BDM Bats Weight Chart:

BDM Cricket Bats Weight Charts

BDM Bats Weight Charts

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