What’s Inside in Ricochet– Kookaburra Cricket Bats – Detail Analysis

Kookaburra Ricochet Cricket Bats are endorsed by many international player like Steven Davies (England). Ricochet series Cricket bats consist the light bat profile , while it is an light cricket bats , its give maximum spine and edge for making quick cricket shots. As a lighter cricket bat profile , its allow player to improvise the cricketing shots like Dilscoop , reverse sweep shot. Ricochet comes in attracting graphics and colours. The grip colour is combination of blue and white , which shows  how Kookaburra can merger the colours.

Kookabura Cricket Bats Ricochet

Sweet spot of bat is bit high , around 250 mm from bottom  of bat surface. Edge thickness of bat is around 34 mm to 41 mm and edge profile is square. Bat bow is 12 mm to 15 mm.
Following are the variants of Ricochet:
  • Ricochet 1000 : This Cricket bat is produced with test match quality English willow (Unbleached ).
  • Ricochet 750 : This Cricket bat is produced withProfessional quality English willow (Unbleached ).
  • Ricochet 550 : This Cricket bat is produced withpremier league quality English willow (Unbleached ).
  • Ricochet 250 : This Cricket bat is produced with hand selected  English willow (Unbleached ).
Following are the key features in kookaburra Cricket Bats:
Max Cricket Grip:
This concept uses the a secure  construction  of grip at top end and flexible construction at bottom end of bat which gives perfect combination control and attack.
Power Plus Bat Surface:
Ricochet Cricket Bats series are developed with unique face which give optimized contact between bat and ball and ultimately maximize stoke power. As ball contact is optimized due to unique face so you can play powerful straight drive shots.
Kookaburra uses the traditional way of drying the willow which include slow process of moisture removing from clefts. This process gives perfect willow for cricket bat manufacturing.
Hand Craft:
Critical operation of cricket bats manufacturing is handled by skilled operator at Kookaburra factory . It means operation like shaping , profiling and pressing which decides the bat performance is performed by skilled operator.
Handle is very important and critical part of a cricket bats as it connect player with bat.
Kookaburra uses 12 pieces of specially selected cane for developing the bat handle which give combination of  flexibility and power.
Ultra Light:
Developed with hand craftsmanship , Ricochet cricket bats are ultra light weight to improvised  the cricket lots at last minute.
Kookaburra Pre Prepared (KPP):
Kookaburra Process through which each bat is preconditioned to reduce time in preparation before use.
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