Comparison between Duora 88 Vs Duora 77

About Duora Series:

Comparison between Dura 88 Vs Duora 77_A
Comparison between Dura 88 Vs Duora 77_A

Duora series represents the Dual optimum frame base racket (Its means cross section of the racket is different at two sides. At one side it will be Box type and on the other side it will be aero type). So, in Dual optimum frame technology developed by Yonex, Player gets two fold benefits:

  1. With Aero Section Frame, Player will get improve aerodynamics of the racket frame which results into better racket swing speed.
  2. With Box Type of frame cross section, player will get rigid frame geometry which helps in better stability and repulsion of the racket.

About Yonex Duora 88:


Yonex Duora 88 is higher on price range. It is 90 gms racket with G4 grip size. Frame of racket is made of HM Graphite, Nanometer and B/Super material. Duora 88 racket comes in White -Lime color.

Cover of Duora 77 and 88 are same. Flex of racket is stiff. With Dual optimum frame, Duora 88 is very nice racket for those who want to play attacking game.

About Yonex Duora 77:


Price of Duora 77 is less as compared to Duora 88. It is also comes in 90 gms weight with G4 grip size. Frame of racket is made of HM Graphite, Nanometer and B/Super material. Duora 88 racket comes in Black – Red e color.


Key Difference in Duora 88 vs Duora 77:

Flex of the Racket is key Difference:

While all other parameters are same of both the racket the key difference in both the rackets are its flex. Duora 88 is stiff configured while Duora 77 is medium Flex racket. Player who wants attacking playing style will definitely like Duora 88 while players who want all round type of playing style will like Duora 77.

Duora 88 for Attacking Game Style:

Duora 88 racket is equipped with stiff shaft. With stiff shaft player will get better repulsion and extra power on smashes. Energy transfer from racket to shuttle is also better in stiff shaft. With these details we can say the Duora 88 is suitable for attacking game style.

Duora 77 for all Round type of Game:

Duora 77 is equipped with medium flex shaft. With medium Flex, player will get optimum repulsion which is suitable for all round type of game style.

Color is personal Choice:

Color of both the rackets are different and it’s depends on personal choice of the players.

Duora 88 is costlier as compared to duora 77:

Price of Duora 88 is more so player who wants attacking game style need to spend more.

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