Comparison of yonex muscle power 29 light VS muscle power 22 plus


Yonex Muscle Power series is one of the top selling series for intermediate badminton players in India. Checkout Here the list of Yonex Muscle Power Series Yonex Muscle Power 29 Lite and Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus are best the selling rackets in complete Yonex series. Both the rackets are suitable for all round type of players with intermediate players. Player is always confused in these two racket models which one to select. So we are making a comparison of two muscle power series racket.


Following are the key difference in Two rackets:

  1. Both the rackets are belongs to even balance category which gives fast racket handling for making quick drive and fast racket smashes.
  2. Weight of both racket are same .i.e around 85 to 89 gms.
  3. Both the rackets are made of graphite material.
  4. Head shape of both rackets is Isometric.
  5. Yonex MP 29 Lite is developed with Medium Flex which gives controlled racket swing results into dimensional accuracy of shots.
  6. Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus is developed with flexible flex , it means shaft of yonex MP 22 plus is flexible which will provide better power on shots.
  7. So as a result , MP 22 plus will provide additional power on shots while MP 29 lite will offer you accuracy and power both.

About Yonex Muscle Power 29 Light:

Yonex Muscle Power 29 Light
Yonex Muscle Power 29 Light

Isometric Head shape for More Power and Control

This racket is top selling racket in complete Yonex Racket range. Known for its lightweight racket handling and easy control, MP 29 will provide you superb power on shots and player can effectively place the shots from 3rd line and dominate in the rallies with powerful smashes. Yonex Muscle Power 29 Light is manufactured with High Modulus Graphite which gives better strength and optimum racket flex. Racket shaft is also made on graphite which helps in effective racket repulsion. With 85Gms racket weight and Isometric racket head shape, player will get best in class racket feel.

Overall, this racket is suitable for intermediate to advance badminton player with offensive playing style. Its head shape, racket material and other configuration will helps in powerful smashes, easy 3rd line clears and fast racket handling at net area. Further , with Isometric head shape , player will get enlarge sweet spot area for powerful smashes.

Following are the key specification of racket:

  • This racket is manufactured with High Modulus Graphite which is design give better strength, repulsion and flexibility
  • Racket weight is around 85 g with G4 grip configuration
  • Racket is equipped with BOX type frame which is designed with aerodynamic concept. This gives better swing speed and racket maneuverability.
  • With new and latest built in T Joint (At joint area of Racket frame and shaft) , this racket will offer you a great stability during hard hitting
  • Racket head shape is isometric in which head shape in designed in such a way so that vertical string kept on same length as horizontal one. This latest head shape offers enlarge sweet spot area and helps in placing powerful shots even if off center hits.

About Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus:

Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus
Yonex Muscle Power 22 Plus

This badminton racket is developed on Yonex Muscle Power Frame technology. Racket frame is developed with isometric frame which gives better and improved sweet spot. With improved sweet spot, player can make better power each time. Further , to improve the string movement within the frame Yonex used the rounded archway frame grommets. This type of grommets helps in better string movement and results into more power on badminton shots.

Shaft and frame of this badminton racket is made of carbon graphite material which offers best stiffness and rigidity to players. Racket weight is around 85 gms and it is available in G4 grip size. The Balance point of racket is 6. This racket is equipped with isometric head shape and muscle power frame technology.

Following are the key specification of racket:

  • Yonex MP 22 plus badminton racket is developed with Muscle Power frame. In this type of frame, racket grommets are developed with corner archways which help in better string movement within racket frame.
  • MP 22 Plus is equipped with Isometric frame technology which gives better and improves sweet spot.
  • Frame and shaft of MP 22 Plus is made of carbon graphite material.
  • Weight of this badminton racket is around 85 gms.
  • Flex of racket is soft which offer better power on shots.
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