Top Selling Kookaburra Cricket Bats in India

In 1890 a Australian sports company named as Kookaburra was established by an englishman, Alfred Grace Thompson. The most famous equipment are kookaburra cricket bats, balls which was used in test cricket in Australia, Sri Lanka etc. To make this brand first class ultralight protective equipment is used. Most of the international players which was sponsors by kookaburra brand  like Ricky Ponting, Mike Hussey. Striving for excellence in their chosen field, Kookaburra is a brand that is endorsed with conviction by several word-class sportspeople. Kookaburra brand is a standard brand than others. Kookaburra is devoted to providing players with innovative products. In Post we are listing the Best Kookaburra Cricket Bats.

Kookaburra Kahuna 200 English Willow Cricket Bat
The Kookaburra Kahuna 200 English Willow Cricket Bat is part of the Kahuna series of bats and is ideal for senior players over the age of 14 years. This Kookaburra bat is suitable for advanced players who play professional matches. This bat is made from english willow which is suitable for club matches. It provides powerful dominating strokemaker. High Spine and Big Edges give this bat a huge hitting area. Lime ‘Max’ Grip is specially designed for secure grip for top hand and flexibility of players’ grip on bottom. It provides vital control and power due to its handle which is made from 12 piece power drive sarawak cane.
Kookaburra Rogue Prodigy 70 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat
Kookaburra Rogue Prodigy 70 cricket bat is made from select unbleached Kashmir Willow, it is a naturally air-dried cricket bat that has a dynamic power blade design. This bat is hand crafted. It has a dynamic Power Blade Design. The 12-piece rounded power drive Sarawak cane handle gives you comfortable handling along with excellent grip.With a massive power profile designed with a massive bow, the Kookaburra Kashmir Willow Rogue Prodigy cricket bat is a powerful instrument ideal for club level matches.
Kookaburra Blade 250 English Willow Cricket Bat
The Kookaburra Blade 250 Cricket Bat is from the Blade series of bats that is designed for senior batsmen who are over the age of 14 and have spent some time at the crease. This bat is suitable for advanced batsmen who are used to playing in Test and First Class cricket matches.
The Kookaburra Blade 250 Cricket Bat is made from unbleached English willow and features a Fluo Yellow Max grip on the handle. This short handled bat is designed to be lightweight so as to allow the batsman to play shots effectively. This bat is Kookaburra pre-prepared and naturally air dried for that ultralight pickup while batting.
Kookaburra Kahuna 300 English Willow Cricket Bat
The Kookaburra Kahuna 300 Cricket Bat is part of the Kahuna series of bats made by Kookaburra and it is perfect for senior or experienced batsmen who are over the age of 14. This Kookaburra Kahuna bat is suitable for use by advanced level batsmen during Test and First Class matches.
The Kookaburra Kahuna 300 Cricket Bat is made of unbleached English willow and features a short 12 piece cane handle that is durable and comfortable to play with. This hand-crafted bat is Kookaburra Pre-prepared and comes with a Lime Max Grip for maximum comfort while playing strokes on the field.
Kookaburra Angry Beast English Willow Cricket Bat
Kookaburra Angry Beast English Willow Cricket Bat is unbleached English willow, with light weight pick up that allows the player to control the game. This cricket bat has a power plus dynamic power shaped face, and is naturally air dried and hand-crafted for the optimum power-to-pick up-ratio. This pre-prepared cricket bat comes with a 12-piece power drive sarawak cane handle with a red rib grip. Specially Hand Selected ‘Test Match’ Quality. It is available in short handle size.

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Australian batsmen Against Indian Spinner – Its India Time Now !!!

india and australia test match


In all it was a moral victory for the India that the two young spin bowlers of Indian team enforced and ended with draw. The two matches were played between India and Australia on 18th Feb 2013. The Australian batsmen were exposed by India due to left-arm spinner Rakesh Dhruv and off-spinner Jalaj Saxena excelled with an impressive display. Rakesh Dhruv who is belonging to Gujarat take 5 wickets and 51 runs while an excellent player from Madhya Pradesh who is all rounder Jalaj Saxena take 4 wickets and scored 61 runs during practice matches. In the first Test match Dhruv and Saxena’s performance will certainly compound their worries and at the same time encourage Harbhajan Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin and Pragyan Ojha to go all out against Michael Clarke’s men.
In first inning Australia scored 235 in reply india got 451 runs. With 216-run deficit, India A skipper Gautam Gambhir enforced follow-on and Australian did a shade better in their second essay by finishing on 195 for three at the Guru Nanak College ground.
For 31-year-old Dhruv, who is a veteran of 75 first-class matches and is not a contender for the national side, this performance will certainly be the most memorable one of his career.

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How to care the Cricket Bat and Equipments


Cricket equipment needs to be cared very gently, and  from the moment you purchase your very first cricket bat, there are many things to bear in mind.  In cricket equipment cricket bat is mostly needed special care and maintenance. The life  of your cricket bat is totally depend on how thoroughly it has been knocked-in, and properly oiled with raw linseed oil. The toe and the edges are the most important parts of the cricket bat, so we should regularly concentrate on them first. The biggest enemies of your bat is water because willow absorbs water and moisture very easily, so always keep  your cricket equipment dry. The storage of cricket equipment is most important part of caring. The poor storage can lead to broken bats or it may out of shape.


SG Kashmir VS 319

SG Kashmir VS 319

  • During hot cricket season cricket equipment should be stored  in a cool and dry place and don’t let it dry out.
  • During practice time, bats get breaks out due to old cheap practice balls because these balls are very hard in nature. If you have a option, use an old bat for practice and keep your best bat for scoring more runs.
  • Especially the toe region get rapidly worse because too much moisture will cause wooden cricket equipment to swell, so keep your bat dry.
  • After every season give it a good service to your cricket equipment  If a small cracks appear, you can repair with wood glue or any best glue, and give a few oiling.

The most safe place is garage where you can store cricket equipment easily as it is cool as well as dry throughout the year.

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