Different Types of Cricket Balls used in Cricket Game

In the game of Cricket, Ball plays important role. A CRICKET BALL is made of refined leather with hand stitching. Inside the leather a small cork ball is putted known as inner core which insures the bounce and durability of ball. Different level of player, different playing condition is required different types cricket balls.

 Normally Cricket balls are divided into following categories:

 Types of Cricket Balls Based On Stitching Patterns:

Types of Cricket Balls Based On Stitching Patterns

Types of Cricket Balls Based On Stitching Patterns

  • Two piece Cricket Balls

  • Four Piece Cricket Balls

In two piece cricket balls, leather is shaped as two semi sphere. A high quality inner core is placed into two leather semi spheres. Skilled work does the stitching at two sides. Two piece leather balls are used for entry level of cricket players. Quality offered by two piece leather balls are good but if you compared it with four pieces then there will be some difference in ball bounce.

 In four piece leather cricket balls, leather is cut into quarter sphere. Inner core is covered with four piece of quarter sphere leather. Skilled workers do the sticking at four sides. Four piece leather balls gives high quality ball performance. All the clubs, leagues and international cricket matches used the four piece leather cricket balls.

 Types of Cricket Balls Based On Colors:

Types of Cricket Balls Based on Colours

Types of Cricket Balls Based on Colours

  • Red color Leather cricket balls

  • White Color Leather Cricket Balls

  • Pink Color Leather Cricket Balls

 Red color leather cricket balls  are normally used in international test matches. Red color leather balls offers better shine and swing to fast bowlers. Red color balls are possible the best balls for cricket matches.

 White cricket balls are used for limited over matches or one day international or day night cricket matches. These balls are designed to gives close to red color ball performance. The main challenge with white cricket balls is to maintain the color and shine of ball for entire game. In white cricket balls, balls color is achieved with rubbing the leather for significant time. This is called as natural leather color white balls.

 Nowadays, Pink color balls are used in test matches as trial. First pink color ball is used in test match between Australia and New Zealand at the Adelaide Oval in November 2015.

 Types of Cricket Balls Based On Game Need:

Types of Cricket Balls Based On Game Need

Types of Cricket Balls Based On Game Need

  1. Hard Tennis Balls

  2. Soft Tennis Balls

  3. Leather Cricket Balls

  4. Cork Cricket Balls

 Most of the cricket players used Hard and soft tennis cricket balls for recreational purpose. For soft tennis cricket balls very light weight Tennis Bats are needed. Leather cricket balls are used by advance or professional cricket players. Crock cricket balls are used by armature cricket player and these types of balls are required Kashmir willow bats.

 Types of Cricket Balls Based On Different Brands:

Types of Cricket Balls Based On Different Brands

Types of Cricket Balls Based On Different Brands

For leather cricket balls, Kookaburra and SG are two famous brands. Kookaburra Cricket Balls are official ICC approved balls. While in India, SG provides cricket balls to all league matches. Other than SG ad Kookaburra- AJ, SS, SF and Thrax are also manufacturing high quality leather cricket balls. In tennis, Nivia produces high quality hard and soft tennis balls. COSOC is anther supplier for manufacturing high quality tennis cricket balls in India.

Kookaburra Turf Official ODI is costlier white leather four piece cricket balls for ODI and T20 matches.

SG Test white is the costlier cricket ball in entire SG cricket ball range and very popular in India.

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