Selection of Table Tennis Blade

It is important to choose the right table tennis blades for your playing style. Your style of play will help to determine which blade that feels good in your hand and you can be confident that it will be right for you. Every player plays differently and has different ability on either section. There are several things to be considered when choosing your table tennis blade:

1)      Weight of the blade

2)      Stiffness of the blade

3)      Thickness of the blade

4)      Speed of the blade

5)      Balance of the blade

6)      No of layers/ply

7)      Combination with Rubber

8)      Handle Type of the blade

9)      Price

10)   Conclusion

Table Tennis Blade Selection

Table Tennis Blade Selection

1)      Weight of the blade:

It can be divided into two parts:

A)     Lighter

B)      Heavier

Weight of the Table Tennis Blade

A)      Lighter table tennis blades will give you more swing and slower spin and speed. It is suitable for all-round or defensive playing styles.

B)      Heavier table tennis blades will generate more power and gives maximum ball speed. In physics terms, momentum is equal to mass multiplied by velocity, So you should look for heavier blade that produce a swing comfortably and higher speed to spin ratio for topspin attacking shots. It tends to be faster and suitable for offensive attacking players.

2)      Stiffness: It is important to consider the stiffness of the blades. The stiffness of the blade refers the amount of elasticity or flex the blade has.

Stiffness of the Table Tennis Blade

  • A stiffer table tennis blade will usually be faster and provides you more speed and quick balance reaction.
  •  A flex table tennis blades are provides you more control.

3)      Thickness of the Blade:  Thickness is generally defined into three parts-

a)      Thinner   b) Thicker     c) Thickest

Thickness of the Table Tennis Blade

  • Thinner blades are less than 6mm and suitable for looping.
  • Thicker blades are 6 – 7mm and used for driving.
  • Thickest blades are 7mm or more and used for blocking.

Thickest blades being used for blocking is that any attempt to block the hard loops initiate at the higher levels of play requires the face of the blade to be as closed as possible.

4)      Speed of the Blade:

It is important to choose the right speed of your blade to suit your playing style.

It can be classified into two parts:

a)      Faster Blades

b)      Slower Blades

Speed of the Table Tennis Blade

The faster blades provide you more speed and control on ball. It is suitable for aggressive players.

The slower blades provide you amount of time of the ball is in contact with the rubber and giving the more spin on the ball. Players who use more spin also tend to prefer slower blades. It is suitable for more defensive players.

5)      Balance of the Blade:

The balance of a blade mention to the center of gravity of your table tennis blade is closer to the handle or top of the racket head. It can be classified into two parts:

a)      Head Light   b) Head Heavy

Balance of the Table Tennis Blade

Head heavy blades produce the more power on shots. It is suitable for topspin or counter attack players.

Head light blades produce the quickest racket acceleration.

6)      No of layers/ply of the Blade:  

The two things are important of the layers of your table tennis blade.

a)    First thing is the number of layers

b)    Second is what type of materials is used for the layers of blade.

Layers of the Table Tennis Blade

  • The number of wood layers of a blade generally ranges from 1 to 7.
  • 5 ply blades are the most common in the all-round range.
  •  5 plies of blade are used for looping while 7 plies of blade are used for blocking and driving.
  • At least 85% of the blade thickness must be natural wood. The other 15% of the blade can comprise layers made of such materials such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, titanium or aralyte.
  • Carbon fiber is used to make the blade harder and faster, as well as facilitate the blade to have a better sweet spot.

7)      Combination with Rubber: The selection of table tennis rubber is important to match your blade and suits the play of your style. There are 3 main differences you need to be aware of-

a) Thickness of the sponge   b) Pimples Out       c) Pimples In

Rubber of Table Tennis Blade

Table tennis rubber is available in different thickness of the sponge. A 2.0mm or 2.5 mm sponge will be more suitable for an attacking and offensive style of play, while a 1.0mm or 1.5mm sponge will suit more defensive players.

Pimples- out Rubber have facing outwards the playing area which means that the smooth side of the rubber is attached to the sponge.

Pimples -In rubber type, players get more effective hitting area so table tennis balls observed more area of contact. It is generally designed for advanced players who want to play a particular type of play. The good combination of rubber gives you good control and can help to develop your strokes.

8)      Handle Type of the Blade: The choice of handle type is a personal decision. The size and shape of the handle that feels best in your hand is what you should use.  There are three main types of handle:

a)      Flared   b) Straight   c) Anatomic

Handle of Table Tennis Blade

Flared handle is also called concave handle are the most popular. They allow a loose grip with less risk of the blade slipping out of the hand during play than the straight handle.

Straight handle are the second most popular type of grip with layers of all styles and more admired with defensive type players.

9)      Price:  You are looking for a table tennis blade that suits the way you play and the cost you are willing to pay for. Expensive blade is not surely better but the cheaper blade may have just the right selection of characteristics that suit you best. If price is important factor to you select a blade before looking at prices.

10)  Conclusion:  We hope this selection guide will help to choose the right table tennis blade for your style of play and feels comfortable in your hand. It will provide you a large sweet spot and more stability of the blade. The slower blade is better for control factor and faster blade is good for offensive shots. Now you will decide which table tennis blade is suitable for you.


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Difference Between DONIC Waldner 900 and Stag International Table Tennis Racket

About Donic Waldner 900 Table Tennis Racket-

Donic Waldner 900 is fast and relatively light offensive bat, it is specially designed for those players who want to dominate in their game with aggressive table tennis shots. Speed and spin rank of 100 out of 100 and control is 60. This top line of racket allows sophisticated and fast play of all techniques with enhanced spin. Waldner 900 is constructed with 5 ply wood, easy slick rubber, concave handle and 2.1mm sponge for outstanding performance. Waldner 900 table tennis bat is the offensive version for advance offensive players with greater speed and spin. Further, Donic Waldner 900 gives superb speed and fantastic feel in every playing situation. Donic waldner technology is ABP, ASG, AVS, Ergonomic handle, quick rubber change and anti vibration system.

Donic Waldner 900 Table Tennis Racket

About Stag International Table Tennis Racket-

Stag international racket is comes with speed-80, Spin-75 and control-90 rating. Stag international is designed to give maximum performance to an emerging player. The comfortable handle of this bat is designed as concave to give better grip and maximum control while playing offensive game. Its racquet is made of fine quality wood which gives perfect stiffness and ensures the better control on table tennis ball. This bat is suitable for a startup and intermediate players give you an all-round play experience. Stag international technology is CR (Combi Revolution) system and reserved pimple rubber.

Stag International Table Tennis Racket

Case Study Results:

Case study result shows the mix opinions. Based on the answer of different players, it is come up that Donic waldner 900 is first choice of those player who actually want to generate more power on shots with great speed and spin. The ball control for touch shots and slower play is amazing with this racket. Donic Waldner 900 is one of the high ratios of speed and spin in a racquet. There is small number of people who says that waldner 900 is little slower but that number is very less around 6-7%.

 which one is the best on powerful table tennis shots

Which one is the Best on speed Table tennis racket

Which one is the Best on spin Table tennis racket

Which one is the Best on control Table tennis racket

Donic Waldner 900 is very speedy table tennis racket and also choice of many players. It’s got smaller sweet spot as compare you stag international so you need to very careful when play with it. If you are aggressive player and want to generate more power on shots than Donic Waldner 900 will be perfect for you. Waldner 900 racket is best suitable for advance level players. While, if you are intermediate player than go for stag international.


Check Out the Full Range of  Table Tennis at

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Guide on Table Tennis Rackets

In this creative image on “Guide on Table Tennis Rackets we shall explain the guide on table tennis products like- About table tennis rackets, size of the table tennis rackets, the two color rule, table tennis rubbers, table tennis blade and how to care for your rackets. With the help of this guide, Table Tennis players can effectively chose the racket and empowered the buying decision.

About Table Tennis Racket:

 Guide on Table Tennis Rackets

Table Tennis Racket is usually made from laminated wood covered with rubber on one or two sides depending on the player’s grip and the size, shape or weight are made of at least 85% natural wood, and small amount of other materials like: carbon fiber, glass fiber or compressed paper. Table tennis rackets size has 15cm (6 inches) across and 25cm (10 inches) long including the handle. Table tennis rackets is equipped with ready-made or a customized rackets and this type of racket is suitable for causal recreational play. Table tennis rackets handle shape comes with anatomic, flared or straight. Table tennis rubbers are available in thickness of the sponge, pimples out or reverse rubber. The thickness of the sponge is more attacking or offensive rubber, pimples out is suitable for players with a quick blocking or counter hitting game and more defensive style of play and the reverse rubber is generally designed for advanced players who want to play a scrupulous type of game. Gradually have the two most popular names prevailed: Ping Pong, and Table Tennis.


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GKI Table Tennis Rackets -Kung FU Series

GKI is Meerut based company and a well known brand in Table Tennis Equipments – accessories manufacturing and its marketing. GKI industries was set up by Mr Late Malhotra. GKI Industries are having more then 40 years of experience in Table Tennis equipment manufacturing. GKI is known for its innovative sports equipment designed and development.
GKI Kung Fu series is designed for advance and processional Table Tennis Players. These rackets are equipped with top quality material and super deign concepts. In this post , different models of GKI table tennis rackets will be explained:
GKI Table Tennis Racket – Kung FU DX:
Kung FU DX (Deluxe) models is made of supreme quality material . These rackets depict oval blade printed with the charming and inspiring scene of table tennis sport. Imported handle of these rackets is comfortable to grip. True synonym of durability and beauty!
Speed : 91 ,Spin : 91 ,Control : 97
GKI Table Tennis Kung Fu DX

GKI Table Tennis Kung Fu DX

GKI Table Tennis Racket – Kung FU:
GKI Kung Fu Table racket is best in class racket among in its category.
These pingpong rackets are exclusively designed with professional competitions in mind. Manufactured in tune with ITTF standards, these rackets are superb for explosive attacking play!
Speed : 91 , Spin : 91 ,Control : 97
GKI Table Tennis Kung Fu

GKI Table Tennis Kung Fu

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