Tennis Rackets Selection Guide

In this post we shall Explain the selection of Tennis Rackets based on following Characteristics:

1- Head Size

2- Length

3- Balance

4- Weight

Head Size: The head size of a tennis rackets are the area of the racket head where the strings create the face of the rackets calculated in square inches. Head size is a determining factor in frame power and hitting surface area. A larger head offers a large hitting area and sweet spot, providing more forgiveness on off center hits. On the other hand, a smaller tennis rackets head size will provide players less surface area and lower margin for error when hitting, while large racket demand to beginning and intermediate players seeking more power and a large sweet spot.


Length: The length of a tennis rackets are vary from racket to racket. The traditional length of racket is about 27-29 inches. Standard racket are 27 inches long. A longer racquet will provide players more leverage or the ability to achieve greater force when striking a tennis ball, which helps increase the power of the tennis rackets. Longer racquets are lighter than their standard length counterparts to keep them maneuverable.


Balance: The balance is measure of where the center of mass is located along the length of a frame and usually ranges from 290mm to 360mm. Balance is most often expressed as points head heavy or head light.  Head heavy tennis rackets will provide players with more power and stability and head light can also help improve stability on contact with the ball. The Balanced rackets try to strike a satisfied medium with enough weight in the head to provide power, increase stability in the grip and maneuverability in the head.


Weight: It is important that you feel comfortable with your racket, which means that selecting the correct weight of racket is important. Most racket are made from graphite as its light weight aluminum or titanium, as these provide good power , better feel for the ball when striking it.  Handle heavy tennis rackets are easier on the arm and offer greater control, more power and spin and head light is designed for players who provide their own power.

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Top Tennis Rackets- Tennis Racket Technology by Khelmart

Wilson BLX Pro Staff 6.1 90:
One of the best tennis racket of 2012 is the Wilson BLX Pro Staff 6.1 90. This tennis  rackets is the personal choice of Roger Federer. The frame of this racket is fabulously sophisticated that’s why he always carries with him. This tennis racket is mainly designed for advanced player who is looking for wonderful feel and supreme control over the racket. This racket is help to provides stability  and increases the player maneuverability. The Pro Staff Six-One 90 BLX delivers the ultimate control to go along with the new found sensation. This tennis racket has a special features having head size 90-square-inch and the headlight balance of 8 points HL.  It has 12.6 ounce strung weight , which help the player to hold this racket for a long time.  For making this racket, very advanced technology is used which is BLX which stands for Basalt and it is a volcanic rock. This technology combines with braided graphite, basalt fibers  The handle of this racket is designed through Amplifeel handle technology which delivers an ordinary cleaner and enhanced feel.
Wilson BLX Juice 100:
The Wilson BLX Juice 100 is another best tennis racket  of this year. This tennis racket is used by Victoria Azharenka. In Wilson range the juice 100 is all rounder tennis maneuverability. This racket  gives nice and wonderful feel. The Wilson BLX Juice 100 has various power and spin potential for the most innovative shots to your opponent.  This racket  is designed for more aggressive style of player which delivers explosive power and spin. The frame of this tennis racket  is design such a way that it gives stability and having light weight which provides more power, more performance and more win to the player. This racket  has a features of  11 ounces strung, 100-square-inches of head size and a string pattern 16×18. This racket  has a swing weight which allows the players to swing quickly through the ball which result easy to win.
Head YouTek IG Prestige Pro (16×19):
Head YouTek IG Prestige Pro (16×19) is another best racket  of 2012. This tennis racket  has a unique features. This tennis racket  is designed for more aggressive and advanced player which has 16×19 string pattern with a generous sweet spot which delivers an extra spin. The racket  offers a solid spin, power and stability. The technology which is used to create this racket  is YOUTEK technology which gives great power and spin. This racket  is designed from Innegra technology and d3o technology which make the racket  more comfortable. This racket  is made up from various material such as fibers and graphite matrix, due to this its frame is strengthening without any increase in weight and it also reduces the vibration on ball. The frame of this racket  provides maximum power and improved the control and precision over the ball . This racket s remain in perfect condition without losing any performance properties due to Innegra technology. During different strokes the d3o technology is capacity to detect the needs of the players and it also fulfills what the player actually want.
Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lite:
Around series of 200 ,this tennis racket  is the most lightest racket . For getting more speed of shot, it has designed with light weight which provides extra manoeuvrability. The Biomimetic 200 Lite is the best racket for intermediate players as well as advanced juniors. The frame of this racket  inspired colors which make the racket for the style conscious tennis player. This racket  has a pretty and powerful set of tennis racket . The Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Lite provides special features of stability which is easy to swing and it also generates a great spin, due to this it was easy to hit. Premium Aerogel with graphite and Dunlop’s new Biomimetic technology  is used to make this racket . This racket  has extremely rewarding racket  that is designed for the aggressive player who is looking for arm friendly and easy to spin.
Babolat Pure Drive Roddick:
Babolat pure drive roddick is the another best tennis racket  in this year which is newly updated and designed with GT technology in 2012. The new Pure Drive Roddick is created with a new Cortex Dampening Interface which provides cool touch to the player. This racket  is made for all level of player such as intermediate as well as advanced player. The first series of Babolat pure roddick Cortex tennis racket  which has different features from Babolat pure drive roddick. Few changes are done such as its weight increases from 11.8 ounces to 11.9 ounces and the swing weight is decreased few grams which is easier for player to swing faster but it has not light weight. This racket  has open 16×19 string pattern that provides better spin to hit the ball. Because of the serve this tennis racket  makes best of the all
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Tennis Racket Selection Guide by Khelmart Expert Team

While Choosing a Tennis Racket Keep in mind following Points:

Selecting the best tennis racket is a big deal and it can also convert you as a looser to winner. Either you are a beginner or advanced player selecting the right one can make a big difference for your game. While buying tennis racket you should take some parameters in your minds such as weight, balance, and head size. Each tennis racket has a special features. We simply helps you how to differentiate between different types of rackets and which one offers you best. The most essential part is to choose the perfect type and size of rackets that gives best match to your game.

Do I need and Adult or Junior racket?

According to your age and height you can choose either one should move from a junior to adult racket. To find where you stand in height and age we make a table that will help you.

Tennis Racket Selection Size by Khelmart

Tennis Racket Selection Size

What grip size do I need?

To improve your control over the tennis racket, grip size must be adjustable according to your hand sizes. It also enhances your performance.

More and more racket producers improve handle design to reduce frame shock and vibration.

Different Size  of grip are for different players which are given below:-

  • GRIP 1 is used for most junior player which hand’s size comes in 1/8 inches.
  • GRIP 2 is used for junior player which hand’s size comes in  1/4 inches.
  • GRIP 3 is mostly used for women player which hand’s size comes in 3/8 inches.
  • GRIP 4 is mostly used for men which hand’s size comes in 1/2 inches
  • GRIP 5 is generally used for big hand size which comes in 5/8 inches
Tennis Rackets Grip Size

Tennis Rackets Grip Size

 How heavy do I want my racket?
 There are different weight of tennis racket are available in market.  According to your preference you can choose individually.
Lightweight:- Light rackets generally more powerful comes in up to 235 grams to 275 grams means 9.8 ounces which gives greater speed to racket’s head. Light weight tennis rackets can easily handle and maneuverable.
Heavy:- Heavy rackets comes in 300- 350 grams,. This types of racket is used by professionals as they maintain a supreme control that is needed at the top level of the game. When it has slower strokes it provides less power.
Evenly balanced :- Rackets which comes generally in between 275gm to 300gm . This type of tennis racket is used by intermediate means normal not the beginners nor advanced which makes weight throughout the frame that helps to  blend which gives power and control.
What head size is best for me?
Rackets come in different range of head sizes. When its head is larger in size it generate more power and have a larger sweet spot and smaller head sizes offer more control.
Rackets are divided  into 4 categories which is mid, mid-plus, oversize, super-oversize
Tennis Rackets Head Size

Tennis Rackets Head Size

What materials are rackets made of, and what does it do for me?
Now a days most tennis rackets frames are designed as light-weight which contains graphite or graphite composites such as titanium, kevlar or fibreglass and aluminum . Due to this metallic substances its frame gives more flexibility. Frames which is made from boron and Kevlar are durability in nature . Improving players who have not advanced in their swing might find difficult to control the frames.
Strings and string tension
Nylon and natural guts is one of the most common materials used to make tennis racket strings. To get good level of performance strings made with a nylon-core which provides low expensive than the other types of string materials. Normally when racket string is tight it provides more control whereas to get more comfort string should be loose. Looser strings offers more power due to its hitting power.
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