Best Selling Badminton Shoe in Year 2014

Like 2013, we are ready with the list of top selling badminton shoes for Year 2014. In this year, shoes from different brands like Yonex, Li Ning, Gravity, Thrax, Pro Ace and NIVIA were on top of list. Best Seller for 2014 will guide users to identity the best shoes while user need to also check the proper buying option with the help of buying guide .

List of Top Selling Badminton shoes and Footwear in 2014:



LI Ning Champion is a best option for intermediate or advance badminton player. It is a light weight shoes (1 shoe weight is around 350gms). This shoe is suitable for Men and Women’s Badminton players. Shoe sole is made combination of Rubber Out sole, Phylon Mid sole and TPU. With rubber out sole, it will give you perfect traction force and grip to badminton court. Its Phylon Mid sole is designed to give you best is class cushioning effort. It is available in two color schemes.

  1. Red Color
  2. Yellow Color

With bases color and matching color lining, LI Ning Champion gives all together a different look to Li Ning shoe.



Next best selling model in the list is from YONEX and it is YONEX Excerol 301. This shoe is designed for intermediate badminton players. The Unique selling point of this shoe is attractive look and perfect grip. This shoe is equipped with lightweight design by Yonex and advance features like Ergoshpe, Power Cushion, Hexa Grip, Non Marking Sole and many more. With advance features and innovative technologies, YONEX Excerol 301 is good option in economical price range. It comes in 4 color schemes:

  1. Blue Base – Red and Green Linings
  2. Red Base – Black and Green Linings
  3. White Base – Black and Blue Linings
  4. White Base – Black and Red Linings

With these color combination and dynamic shoe design, Excerol 301 gives unique look.

YONEX Excel FIM Shoe:


YONEX Excel FIM is next best selling model from YONEX. It is launched in late 2014 but quickly captured the market. It is designed for Beginners or intermediate players those just started the badminton game. It is very economical in nature but equipped with features like ergoshpe, basic power cushion and Hexagrip. YONEX kept its design simple and light weight which is required for entry level badminton players.

Yonex Excel FIM shoe comes in 3 Color scheme:

  1. White base and Red Linings
  2. Gray base and pink Linings
  3. Black base and Red Linings

NIVIA Appeal Court Shoe:


Next model in the list from NIVIA, NIVIA is an Indian sports equipment and Footwear manufacturing company known for its quality & economical price range products. NIVIA Appeal court is an economical price range shoe designed for entry level badminton players.

Its nonmarking rubber role and hexa meshing will provide you optimum level of traction force needed for perfect game play. Its base color is white and lining of  red and black color give unique look to this shoe. With Rubber Nonmarking shoe sole, badminton player will get better grip and comfort.

Pro ACE Court Shoe:


Pro Ace court shoe is last in our top selling list. Khelmart introduces this shoe in mid of 2014 and it becomes top selling model in just 5 month. Pro Ace is equipped with non marking sole with super cushion placed in center of sole. With super cushion, Pro ace gives comfortable feel to badminton player. During badminton play we need to often moves very fast and shape. For making Sharpe movements, badminton shoe plays a key role. With super cushion place in mid sole, pro ace gives extra cushioning effect which helps in making shape court movements.

Pro Ace court shoe comes in 4 color scheme:

  1. White base and Red Linings
  2. White Base and Blue Linings
  3. Blue Base
  4. Yellow Base

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