Yonex Arcsaber FB (Flash boost) Badminton Rackets –Innovation & Speed- Khelmart Review

In our many blogs we have mentioned about creativity and innovation behind the YONEX Badminton Rackets. To continue as most innovative company in Badminton Sports, Yonex developed lightweight Badminton Racket in the word .i.e. Yonex Arcsaber FB.

Yonex Arcsaber FB Technology

Yonex Arcsaber FB Technology

We all know that YONEX delivered first 100 gm category Badminton Racket (Carbonex 8) and started new evolution of lightweight badminton rackets series. Afterwards other manufactures from around the globe join the competition but YONEX always proved its supremacy.

YONEX worked a lot on NANOSCINE technology and it’s become the base in developing lightweight racket. By further improving the NANOSCINCE, next generation NANOMetric is developed which gives 60% thinner racket shaft as compare to traditional shaft material while racket stiffness is not compromised at all.

Deliver Smart Return Smash:

Offence is the key of Badminton game. Badminton Player with accurate and hard smashes will always have upper hand. However, if badminton player knows how to convert defence into attack then he or she can change the game.

With Yonex arcsaber FB, you can deliver lightening fast returns and surprise your opponent. The key of quick return is racket weight and you can feel it if you have 73gm lightening fast machine in your hand.


Technology behind Yonex Arcsaber FB:

Yonex Arcsaber FB Badminton Racket

Yonex Arcsaber FB Badminton Racket

  1. YONEX first time change weight measuring system from U to F. F means 73 gms.
  2. By improving the bounding strength of carbon fibres, amount of carbon is actually reduced and achieved 60% thinner racket shaft.
  3. As weight of Badminton rackets impact the racket swing speed so with YONEX FB you can achieve 30 km/hr increased racket swing speed as compare to traditional rackets.
  4. Following are the technology featured in  YONEX FB
    1. CS Carbon Nanotube
    3. New Grommet Pattern
    4. Solid Feel Core
    5. Area and Box frame
    6. New Built in T Joint
    7. NANOmetric
    8. Control Support Cap
Yonex arcsaber FB Badminton Racket

Yonex arcsaber FB Badminton Racket

Rackets Testing Remarks:

Arcsaber FB is good racket for pro Badminton player. You’ll feel it once to go on court with this racket. It is a sophisticated but powerful racket. If you would like to play on front court then it’ll be the best racket for you.

Yonex arcsaber FB Badminton Racket images

Yonex arcsaber FB Badminton Racket images

Some Remarks:

  1. Good shot delivery observed on front and mid court.
  2. You can deliver quick and fast drive shots.
  3. On rear court or 3rd line smashes, player can feel some power loss issues but it’ll be marginal.
  4. Racket Swing speed is the U.S.P of this racket.

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