YONEX Tennis Rackets Technology EZONE

ISOMETRIC:ISOMETRIC technology is developed by YONEX in year 1980 . ISOMETRIC head shape gives advance racket frame design concept. With Convention Tennis Racquets, Sweet Spot is normally position at main and cross string intersection point. With Isometric head shape, numbers of cross and main string increased which give enlarges sweet spot (7% more effective hitting area as compare to traditional Tennis Rackets head design)

YONEX Tennis Racquets Racket Technology Khelmart


Integrated Power Weight System: IPS enables weight placement in precisely designed position (3 and 9 o’clock) to frame which gives racket face a greater movement of inertia. With IPS system in Yonex Tennis Rackets, players can effetely deliver the accurate tennis shots.

YONEX Tennis Racquets Racket Technology Khelmart2

Integrated Power Weight System

Quad Power System: To improve the stiffness and to generate more power, YONEX developed four corners of Tennis rackets with additional thinness. With the use of NEOFADE along both the side of frame and Nylon composite grommets, reduction in vibration and shock is recorded. With QPS system, player will feel more comfort during shot delivery.

YONEX Tennis Racquets Racket Technology Khelmart4

YONEX Tennis Racquets Racket Technology Khelmart4

YONEX Tennis Racquets Racket Technology Khelmart3

Quad Power System technology

YONEX Oval Pressed shaft: In order to optimize the Flex further, YONEX used rounded shaft corner. Rounded shaft corner gives smooth torsion ability to shaft which eventually give optimized level of flex as required by a Tennis Player.


Sockless Grommet Grid: Yonex used new sockless grommets at side and bottom of the frame which gives minimum fatigue during long matches. While sockless reduces the fatigue it also provide soft feel at time of impact and protect the wrist & forearm.

Shock Damping Grid:Yonex used SD Grid sheet inside the Tennis Racquet Shaft. This additional grid inside the shaft absorbs the vibration cause by ball impact and gives more power to shots.

YONEX Tennis Racquets Racket Technology Khelmart6

Shock Dampening

Super Cushion Grip: Specially designed grip gives ability to absorb vibration and provides more cushioning effect. This additional cushioning effect protects the player wrist from injuries.

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Best Yonex Tennis Rackets – Khelmart Reivew


Best Yonex Tennis Rackets :

Yonex VCORE Xi 100:

A great option for aggressive base liners or all-court players in search of speed, spin and precision. The VCore Xi 100 updates the V Core 100 S with Xi Technology. The result is an expanded sweet spot along with more stability and power higher in the string bed. This is good news for the aggressive topspin player who wants more responsiveness near the tip of the frame. From the baseline our play testers discovered exceptional precision with a nice blend of maneuverability and stability. The manageable swing weight (305 RDC) and head light balance make this tennis racquet easy to swing fast so players can maximize racquet head speed for heavy spin. The open 16×19 pattern creates a comfortable and lively feel. At net the fast feel is great for quick exchanges, while the relatively stable hitting surface creates a solid feel at impact. On serves this one whips powerfully through the hitting zone, making it easy to add both spin and pace.
Yonex VCORE Xi 98:
Best suited to 4.0+ rated players who want exceptional maneuverability and control from all areas of the court, the VCore Xi 98 updates the V Core 98 D with some extra comfort, stability and power. Yonex’s Xi Technology (Extra Isometric Head Shape) expands the sweet spot toward the top of the frame, while the Micro Core technology strengthens and adds weight to the upper hoop. Taken together, these updates not only deliver a more arm-friendly ride, they give advanced players a more responsive contact zone higher in the string bed. From the baseline the feel is one of crisp comfort and spin-friendly precision, while at net the blend of maneuverability and stability make for easy volleying. The manageable swing weight (311 RDC) and headlight balance help propel the racquet swiftly through contact on serves. The result is easy access to spin and power from the first serve to the finishing shot.
Yonex VCORE Xi 100 Lite :
Ideal for the 4.0+ level player looking for a fast feel and controllable power, the V Core 100 Xi Lite comes with a little more stability higher in the string bed thanks to the Xi and Micro Core Technology. The result is an expanded sweetspot along with more power available near the tip of frame. This is good news for the aggressive base liner who wants the added leverage of a higher contact point. Factor in the manageable 10.3 oz static weight and the open 16×19 string pattern, and you have all the ingredients for power and spin. Grounds trokes benefit from a head heavy balance, which helps steady the racquet as the pace goes up. Having a little extra weight in the head also helps stabilize the racquet on volleys where the speedy feel lends itself to effortless preparation and more decisive put-aways. Finally, the quick response makes it easy to stay aggressive on service returns, while the generous sweet spot provides a nice platform for making comfortable contact. Best suited to intermediates looking for spin-friendly racquet with a nice blend of power and precision.
Yonex VCORE Xi Team
A great option for the intermediate player seeking all-around play ability in a very light package, the VCore Xi Team updates the VCore 98 with high density urethane in the upper hoop. The result is improved stability and easier access to power. From the baseline the light weight translates into faster swings, allowing for easy depth and spin. Our TW testers found this racquet to offer exceptional responsiveness and control on slow to medium paced exchanges. The open 16×20 string pattern is not only lively and comfortable, but it also supplies all the bite needed for hitting effective spin. Finesse players will have enough feel on shorter strokes to execute touch shots. At net this racquet feels lightning fast, making it a great option for those who like to serve and volley. On serve there’s easy spin and pace to be had thanks to how swiftly this one propels through contact. All in all this is a great all-court Yonex racquet for intermediate singles and doubles players in search of maneuverability and easy stroke production.
Yonex VCORE Xi Team Plus
Best suited to intermediate and advanced players, the VCore Xi Team Plus is strategically weighted with high density urethane near the tip of the frame. The result is improved stability in the hitting zone and greater ball speed off the face of the racquet. At 27.5 inches long and weighing under 11 ounces, the VCore Xi Team Plus supplies the player with the leverage and momentum to swing fast and create pace. The open 16×20 string pattern supplies plenty of bite so that the power can be controlled with spin. Taken together these specs add up to precise and heavy balls. At net the added reach helps with defensive stabs, and there’s also more than enough pop to keep the ball deep or hit blistering overheads. On serves the added length translates into slices with more action and kickers with more explosive bounces. Best suited to 4.0+ players looking for a maneuverable extended length racquet with easy access to power and spin.
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