Technologies in Nike Basketball Shoes Technology in 2016

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Nike is a popular band in the sport shoes Research and development. Nike brand gives state of the art sports shoe with latest technology. Nike basketball shoe with advance technologies like Nike Air, Nike Zoom, Nike Dynamic Support gives Technological Advance Basketball Shoes for advance level of game play. In this blog we shall explain you the technologies used in NIKE basketball shoes.

Image of Nike Basketball Shoes:


Nike Hyperfuse Technology:

Nike Hyerfuse technology is a result of advance manufacturing process developed by Nike for upper material. In this technology three player of different material is fused together with hot melt process to obtain a super quality upper material. This type of hyperfused material offers excellent qualities needed for basketball shoes. Hyperfuse technology required three layer of material in which middle layer of advance mesh material while upper layer of Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film.

Benefits of Hyperfuse Material and Process Technology

  1. Best in Class Shoe Fit.
  2. Very Less stitching on the upper surface of shoe, Shoe Looks very nice and clean.
  3. As base layer is made of synthetic material so it’s give best support to shoe and offers better stability.
  4. It designed to give you best comfort as hyperfused material gives superb breathability.
  5. It offers more stability as compare to traditional upper material.
  6. More durable in Nature due to fusion of three high quality materials.

 Image of Nike Hyperfuse Technology:


Nike Dynamic Support Technology at Mid Sole:

Dynamic Support is a technology which is provided at mid sole of shoe. In this technology mid sole is provided with soft foam at lateral side while additional firm foam is provided at medial side for support. This type of mid sole configuration is designed to give best comfort for different playing conditions.

Benefits of Dynamic Support Technology at Mid Sole

  1. More Stable Mid Sole configured as per different Playing conditions.
  2. Durable mid sole for better performance.
  3. Offers Best possible comfort.

Image of Nike Dynamic Support Technology:


Nike Air Technology at Mid Sole:

Nike Air technology uses a compressed air bag at mid sole of shoe. The Compressed air bag is made of light weight martial which is flexible in nature. This type of mid sole configuration along with Dynamic Support gives best in class comfort and cushioning to basketball players. The Specialized compressed air bag works as shock absorber at mid part of shoe. It stores the impact load and release it gradually and slowly to give best in class feel and comfort.

Benefits of Nike Air Technology at Mid Sole:

  1. Due to compress Air Mid Sole, Nike Air is a light weight mid sole technology. It is a light weight lid sole but on other hand it gives better cushioning as compare to traditional material.
  2. Nike Air gives best in class cushioning effect in basketball shoe. It act as shock absorber which absorb the shock or impact and releases it slowly.

Image of Nike Air Technology:


Nike Zoom Technology at Mid Sole:

Nike Zoom Technology is part of Nike Air technology which gives better cushioning during impact load. Nike Zoom technology uses thin and lightweight material at mid sole. As it is thin in nature so it gives lower center of gravity to shoe and better cushion. During impact, the tightly stretched fibers inside the pressurized air unit quickly bounce back into shape, providing a super responsive feel and improved awareness of the surface you’re playing on.

Benefit of Nike ZOOM Basketball Shoe Technology:

  1. It is a lightweight material which gives soft feel to players. Due to its lightweight nature, player needs to put less energy for footwork movements.
  2. It provides perfect cushioning to players.

Image of Nike Zoom Technology:


Nike  Lunarlon Cushioning Technology:

Lunarlon is lightweight foam core which is very soft (But Resilience in nature). This foam core is provided in sole of NIKE Basketball shoes. Due to its resilient nature, Lunarlon provide ultra-plush cushioning, springy response and support. It is state of art foam core which is 30% lighter as compare to tradition mid sole material. It is also a very good material which absorbs more shock and impact load.

Benefit of Lunarlon cushioning Basketball Shoe Technology:

  1. It is very lightweight Mid Sole Material (30% lighter as compare to tradition Mid Sole.)
  2. Act as ultra-plush cushioning, springy response.
  3. Very Soft and resilient foam core for Mid Sole.

Image of Nike Lunarlon Cushioning Technology:


All these Technologies along with NIKE stylish Design and Color combination gives best in class basketball shoes for professional Basketball Players.

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