Tennis Rackets Selection Guide

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In this post we shall Explain the selection of Tennis Rackets based on following Characteristics:

1- Head Size

2- Length

3- Balance

4- Weight

Head Size: The head size of a tennis rackets are the area of the racket head where the strings create the face of the rackets calculated in square inches. Head size is a determining factor in frame power and hitting surface area. A larger head offers a large hitting area and sweet spot, providing more forgiveness on off center hits. On the other hand, a smaller tennis rackets head size will provide players less surface area and lower margin for error when hitting, while large racket demand to beginning and intermediate players seeking more power and a large sweet spot.


Length: The length of a tennis rackets are vary from racket to racket. The traditional length of racket is about 27-29 inches. Standard racket are 27 inches long. A longer racquet will provide players more leverage or the ability to achieve greater force when striking a tennis ball, which helps increase the power of the tennis rackets. Longer racquets are lighter than their standard length counterparts to keep them maneuverable.


Balance: The balance is measure of where the center of mass is located along the length of a frame and usually ranges from 290mm to 360mm. Balance is most often expressed as points head heavy or head light.  Head heavy tennis rackets will provide players with more power and stability and head light can also help improve stability on contact with the ball. The Balanced rackets try to strike a satisfied medium with enough weight in the head to provide power, increase stability in the grip and maneuverability in the head.


Weight: It is important that you feel comfortable with your racket, which means that selecting the correct weight of racket is important. Most racket are made from graphite as its light weight aluminum or titanium, as these provide good power , better feel for the ball when striking it.  Handle heavy tennis rackets are easier on the arm and offer greater control, more power and spin and head light is designed for players who provide their own power.

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