Top End SS English Willow Cricket Bats

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In this post we shall explain the top end SS English willow cricket bat:

Top End SS English Willow Cricket Bats

SS Reserve Edition Cricket Bat:

Reserve Edition SS English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Reserve Edition is a top class bat from SS with super grade 1++ willow.  Reserve edition is one of the top range cricket bats from SS Ton series cricket bat. SS reserve edition willow is finest hand crafted naturally air dried and exactly the same quality English willow as used for top players. This SS English willow cricket bat uses the combination of 9 piece Sarawak cane handle for shock absorption and power hitting. Reserve edition is equipped with massive SS ton edges, super rebound quality, very light pick up and highly concave edges. It consists of 11+ straight grains, 42mm edges thickness and special scale grip for the bat handle. Weight of the bat varies from 1280 grams. This cricket bat provides you wonderful hitting power, balance and stroke. This bat is the choice of International players like Ravindra Jadeja and Ravi Bopara. SS Reserve Edition bat is ideal for top class batsmen who prefer a perfect control and thick edges. SS Gladiator Ton Cricket Bat:

Ton Gladiator SS English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Gladiator Ton is most premium bat ever launched by SS Sunridges. Gladiator Ton is made from finest grade 1++ willow with narrow grains and the top level of performance. The short round handle of this SS bat comes covered in a special grip for better control and handling when striking the ball. This bat uses the combination of 12 piece Sarawak cane and huge edge. It consists of massive profile, 42mm edges thickness and 11-13 straight grains. This SS English willow cricket bat is designed for big hitting players with super rebound quality. SS Gladiator Ton English willow cricket bat is available in SH size and 1160 to 1250grams of weight. This SS English willow cricket bat handle provides you super control and comfort. SS Gladiator Ton is used by Kumar Sangakara and Kieron Pollard. This bat is designed for professional level players. SS Player Edition Cricket Bat:

Player Edition SS English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Player Edition is latest model of SS cricket bats. SS Player Edition is made of best selected unbleached seasoned grade A++ English willow. This bat is top line SS English willow cricket bat. This SS English willow cricket bat is specially designed scale grip for control and comfort. It’s fitted with top quality treble spring multi piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flex and good balance. It consists of 9-13 straight grains, huge sweet spot and weight varies from 1160gms to 1250gms. A huge sweet spot combined with excellent balance and weight distribution. It is equipped with massive profile, high spine, light weight and famous SS concave edges. SS Player Ton Edition English willow bat is a premium range bat. SS Player Ton Edition is choice of Indian player Yusuf Pathan. This SS English willow cricket bat is suitable for professional players. SS Ton Matrix Cricket Bat:

Ton Matrix SS English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Ton matrix is top class model SS cricket bat as per demand of world class cricket. It is made of best selection willow with unbleached condition. Ton matrix is built with hand selected super grade English willow. It consists of extra thick concave edges and delivers exceptional rebound quality. It is equipped with 9 pieces round Sarawak cane handle gives you better control and stability and when this handle is paired with the specially designed scale grip, you enjoy unbeatable performance. This SS English willow cricket bat offers enhanced pick up, large sweet spot and more balance.  Top matrix is an impressive cricket bat. SS Ton matrix is ideal for professional and advanced players. This bat provides you light weight pick up, better playing feel and performance. SS Limited Edition Cricket Bat:

Limited Edition SS English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Limited Edition is top of line legendary cricket bat from SS cricket. This SS English willow cricket bat is specially designed for the front foot dominating and aggressive stroke maker players. SS Limited Edition is designed in conjunction with international players like Shikhar Dhawan. This SS English willow cricket bat is constructed with super grade A+ English willow. This semi oval handle made out of 12 piece imported cane delivers great power, control and flexibility. It consists of scale grip, 40mm edges thickness and 8-12 straight grains. It’s beautifully balanced mid range profile and traditional style spine make it ideal for maximizing explosive power and all over blade performance. SS Silver Edition Cricket Bat:

Silver Edition SS English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Silver Edition English willow cricket bat is made from handle for selected naturally air dried grade 1 English willow. It has a 9 piece imported Sarawak cane handle for outstanding feel, strong grip and balance which gives you excellent result. This cricket bat is very well balanced and light pick up for playing attacking strokes. It consists of 7-11 straight grains with clear visibility and toe guard fitted for better protection and maintaining the moisture level. SS Silver Edition bat has light weighted design and contoured edges. Weight available is 2lb 8oz to3lb. Its aggressive and powerful shape is ideally suited to the stroke maker with big and wide sweet spot. SS Silver Edition English willow is perfect bat for advance level of players. SS Ton Professional Cricket Bat:

Ton Professional SS English Willow Cricket Bat

SS Ton Professional English willow cricket bat by Sunridges is designed to the demand of international players at the highest level of competitive play. SS Ton Professional is a grade 1 English willow cricket bat. It is used by many players at club cricket, first class level in Indian domestic cricket circuit. This SS English willow cricket bat is very light pick up and weight about 1280 grams. It consists of unique shape which gives great balance and control. It is equipped with round handle, big edges and high rebound speed. Ton Professional cricket bat exhibits a wide sweet spot zone which increases the probability of boundaries and sixes. This thick and concave edge gives you more strength to respond to deliveries. It is specially designed scale grip for extra comfort and control.

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