VICTOR Badminton Rackets Technology- Overview By Khelmart Team

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Technology used in VICTOR Badminton Rackets:
This Blog will give the information about the technology used in Victor Badminton Rackets.
Following are the key points which makes victor badminton rackets unique and different:
Badminton Rackets are designed with octagonal shape frame. A special kind of material blending technique which uses the carbon x material with double x mould. With octagonal shape frame and special material , player feels almost zero torsion on badminton racket frame. Badminton Rackets are design , developed and tested with Korean National Team so anyone can guess the effort putted by Victor to develops the Badminton Rackets.
Sword is a technology in which frame is designed as diamond shape. It means , when frame comes in aerodynamic condition it cut through the air like sword. This technology gives perfect aerodynamic to badminton rackets .As aerodynamic of racket is perfect so its reduce the air resistance and give improved racket speed.
Brace Tec:
The rail on the down tube of the racket head stabilizes the frame while smashing. The braces on the t-joint strengthen it and absorb any additional vibration, reducing energy loss and transmission of unnecessary vibration through the arm and wrist.
Inside Wave MAGAN :
By folding a plain paper several time gives improve the strength to paper to hold the weight for longer time , this is the concept of “Inside Wave”. Waving inside the racket frame is a new and innovative technology which is introduces by VICTOR. It gives more strength to Badminton Racket Frame. It also improved the aerodynamics of the racket.
By Addition of carbon fibers on important and key areas of shaft give compact and less torsion feel. When Badminton Player hold this racket he’ll feel the superb control on racket.
By above mentions points it is obvious that VICTOR is used state of the art technology in badminton rackets design and developed. They have also putted lots of efforts on inventing new and unique concepts of racket engineering.
To feel it , you must try it once!.
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