Victor Brave Sword Badminton Rackets

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Victor Brave Sword Racket Series are most popular in complete Victor Series of rackets. Brave sword are basically designed for attacking players who wants to utilizes the power of racket in order to generate more speed  in smashes.

Following are the popular Victor Brave Sword rackets:


Victor Brave Sword 1700 Badminton Racket:

Victor Brave Sword 1700 Badminton Racket

Victor Brave Sword 1700 Badminton Racquets is a head heavy racket with flexible shaft which offer combination of power and control. Racket is Equipped with aero dynamic shape which offer less air resistance and give more stability. The diamond shaped design cuts the air reducing the resistance. The isometric head provides a large surface area for the shots and distributes equal amount of force across the frame. These racquets have a moderate string tension of 20-22lbs and a standard length of 675mm. They are suitable for intermediate as well as experienced players. Since these racquets have G5 grip, there is ample amount of space to hold onto it. Victor Brave Sword 1700 is suitable for attacking player with intermediate playing style.

Victor Brave Sword 1800 Badminton Racket:

Victor Brave Sword 1800 Badminton Racket

The Victor Brave Sword 1800 Badminton Racket is a great introduction to the Brave Sword Line of rackets. This racket is designed for beginners and intermediate and is available at a lower price point so that players can get to try the elegance, and stability of a Victor Brave Sword Racket.

Victor Brave Sword 1900 Badminton Racket:

Victor Brave Sword 1900 Badminton Racket

This racket is made from graphite material, with a 20-22 lbs string tension, which adds strength to your shots. Racket is suitable for advance and professional players. Also, it is made of high-quality and long-lasting materials, to make it sturdy and provide more resistance. The firm right hand grip does not get separated easily, hence, provides a comfortable grip. The bright blue colour of the frame and black grip adds to the sporty yet stylish look of this unisex badminton racquet. This 675 mm long badminton racquet falls under the standard length category and it enhances the flexibility of the shots.


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