Yonex Badminton Racket Selection Guide

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Yonex is world’s number company  in Badminton Sports equipment Manufacturing, They have huge range of Badminton rackets which suits almost each & every requirement of Professional and entry level badminton players. Yonex lunched various series of badminton rackets to meet the requirement of Badminton player which make a very complicated system of Badminton rackets categories like , NanoSpeed , Nanoray , Muscle power , Corbones  and many more. Different categories are having different type of head type , Head Style and flex. Badminton players are often confused about the selection of badminton rackets based of selection parameters
This article will give focus on Yonex Badminton Rackets Selection Matrix. With the help of this article you can better understand the Selection Matrix and make effective decision.
Yonex Badminton Rackets Selection Guide

Image 01

Please refer the image 01, This image shows the mapping of Yonex Badminton Rackets on graph where Positive X Axis is mapped as Repulsion , – ive x Axis is mapped as Hold , + ive Y axis is mapped as heavy head and –ive Y is mapped as head light Badminton Rackets.
Explanation of Graph Parameters:
Heavy Head : Head of the badminton racket frame is heavier then handle
Head light : Head of the Badminton Racket is lighter then Handle
Hold : Badminton Shuttlecock will stay more time of Badminton Racket string bed.
Repulsion : How quickly Shuttlecock leaves the Badminton Racket String bed
If you observed the Graph then it is clear that Heaviest head Badminton Racket in Yonex Series in  Voltric Z Force.
The Lightest head badminton racket is Nanospeed 2000.
If you want to close badminton racket which hold the shuttlecock more time then you should go for Arcsaber001 while on other hand for quickly delivering the shuttlecock from badminton racket you should go for Nanospeed 9900.
Image 02 will explain this in more detail:
Badminton Rackets Selection

Image 02

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