Yonex Badminton Rackets Technology – Khelmart Report 01:

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Yonex Rackets Technology
Nanoscince enable accurate Rackets Function at molecule level. NANOSCINCE is a high performance molecule bond between fullerene and
carbon nanoparticel. With the help of this molecule bond, Badminton Racket will be :
1.Ultra Light Weight
4.More Stable , More Power and Swing


Isometric Shape in Badminton Racket Enabled the equalized length of Main and Cross String. With this type of  specific shape in Badminton Rackets Provide the enlarge sweet spot.
Isometric Shape of Yonex Badminton Rackets khelmart

Isometric Shape












Muscle Power Frame:
Frame of Muscle Power Badminton Rackets enabled string to go through in rounded archways.
Followings are the Benefits of this shape:
1.Eliminate the Stress Load
2.Eliminate the Fatigue
3.Create Unite of String
4.Closer and Tighter Frame Contact
Muscle Power Frame Khelmart

Muscle Power Frame

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