Yonex Duora 10 Vs Z Force 2- Comparison by Khelmart

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About Comparison:

Voltic Z Force 2  and Yonex Duora 10 both are top line rackets from Yonex brand. International players like Lee Chong wei and victor Alexon used these rackets.

While VT Z force 2 is one of the deadliest rackets for attacker at same time, Duora 10 is already considered first choice for many international players.

In Blog, we are comparing two best in class Yonex professional badminton rackets. Vt zF 2 is all time hit model while Duora 10 is equipped with one of the finest technology ever used by Yonex in rackets.


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Comparing Methodology:

For comparing the two rackets we are using the testing of racket on court to check following critical parameters:

Racket Power and Hitting Time, Defense and Net Area!

We have done a detail testing of both the rackets to come up with final comparison results. We also used higher end graphics to display the review results so that player can easily identify the difference in two.

Comparison of Two rackets for Power & Hitting Time


Power of Duora 10:

We have test the 3U racket of Duora 10 which is approximately 89 gms. We used BG 65 Ti string with 26 lbs. As we know that Duora 10 is developed with two cross sections (1) with Aero Type section for speedy racket handling, this side is suitable for backhands. (2) Box type frame which is suitable for powerful shots or smashes.

We used the Box type frame section for hitting the smashes and 3rd line clear. Performance from 3Rd line is good and smashes got power. But it is very strange, even if you tried the Forehand side ,it will generate the sufficient power .


Overall, Duora 10 generates good power from 3rd line and better smash power. Both the fame sides are good for taking the smashes

Power of Z Force 2:

Z Force 2 is equipped with improved Aerodynamics frame. It is head shape is unique and smaller as compare to other Yonex Rackets which helps in offering better power on shots. Yonex used thinnest shaft which further improve the swing speed of the racket.

The combination of thinnest shaft and smaller head provides better power on shots and easy clear.


Z Force 2 is known for its pure power. Ultra slim shaft and compact frame helps in getting best power on smash. If you compare to two rackets than Vt Z Force 2 is absolutely clear winner as far as power in concern.

Comparison of Two rackets on Net area:

Duora 10:

If you use fast side of the frame then player will get better and fast swing speed and its head light configuration helps in precise control. On Net Area , Duora 10 provide better control and accurate shot while you play cut shots and fast drive shots.

Z Force 2:

If you play single game than you can easily play cuts and drive shots with more accuracy but if you are a doubles player then you may feel some sluggishness in responding to net area. It is a head heavy racket with extraordinary power on hand.

This unique capability makes this racket suitable for a different shuttle game.


For doubles game , If you use Duora 10 with fast side than it will better than Z Force 2 while for single game you won’t find much difference on net area.



Comparison of Two rackets for defense:

Defense of Duora 10:

On defense, Duora 10 performs better. Player will get fast reflection which helps in quickly position the racket for next shots.

Duora 10 provides better control on shots and very fast racket response. Player can very quickly return the drove shots or smash shots it will allow you to quickly adjust the shots.

Overall, Duora 10 is very good on defense and helps in better and fast return.


Defense of Voltric Z Force 2:

Voltric Z Force 2 Is a head heavy racket, however, Yonex used tri voltage system which helps in maintaining the swing speed of racket head.

If you play single game than, with Voltric z force, player can easily respond to the opponents shots. It will provide fast reflex which helps in position racket for opponent shots.

If you compare it with Duora 10, than player will feel some sluggishness.


As we explained earlier, Z Force 2 is totally different racket which required a difference skillet to handle it. Professional player used to do lots of practice on net are and mid court to improve the defense to meet up the requirement of Z Force 2.

On defense, Duora 10 will provide you some added advantage over the Z Force 2. Duora 10 is slightly head light racket which helps in moving racket fast in air.


About Voltric Z Force 2:

Voltric Z Force 2 is Next Gen racket from Yonex brand. It is a Voltric series badminton racket which provides incredible power to badminton players to dominate on opponent.

This Voltric series badminton racket is developed with ultra thin shaft which is extra stiff in nature. Due to extra stiff shaft and ultra dynamic head shape, player will get powerful smashes and easy 3rd line clear.  Ultra slim provide optimum flex while extra stiff nature offers exception control on shots.

Yonex VT Z Force II provides 6.2km/h more End shuttle speed as compare to tradition Z Force. With Z Force II, player will get 10 km/hr additional initial speed.

To increase the head speed, Yonex used compact frame technology which helps in better swing speed of frame.

To improve the racket head speed and to improve the overall racket aerodynamics, Yonex used all new racket grommets design. With new design, now grommets are kept inside the frame which results into better racket aerodynamic and helps in extra racket head speed.


About Duora 10:

Duora 10 is equipped with Dual optimum frame technology in which YONEX putted 2 types of frame sections design into single frame constriction.

Front side of the frame is designed with box section frame while backside of frame is designed with aero frame. This type of configuration gives two sections into single frame construction. Box section is designed with new material Nanometric Dr while aero section is designed with NI-TI fiber material. Both the Material together gives new and revolution frame designed which gives following benefits to badminton players.

Forehand side of frame is designed with Box type section and equipped with Nanometric DR Material which gives shuttle hold time 3%. Due to this player place the shuttle with more power and superb control.

Backhand side of frame is designed with aero type section and equipped with NI-TI fiber which gives repulsion 9%. Due to this player gets stiffer racket which results into quick racket repulsion

Overall the Duora 10 , all new type of racket with innovative feature and technology.


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