YONEX Latest Badminton Footwear for Year 2017

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About Yonex Badminton Shoes and Footwear

Yonex badminton shoes are considered as best in class badminton shoes for professional, advance and amateur players. With innovative technologies, cushion and material technologies, YONEX produces best in class badminton footwear’s for all type of game play. YONEX introduces, latest AERUS model for professional player. Apart from its innovative design features, this model is manufactured with cutting edge technologies.


In this blog we have listed best Yonex Badminton shoes for professional players for Year 2017.



This is an upgraded version of its predecessor Aerus. Yonex used highest quality material which offers lightest weight shoes (Only 270g). Its upper material is PU leather. PU leather is considered as lightweight and durable material along with its superfine finish.  For making ventilation proper and effective, Yonex used Polyester Mesh. Polyester mesh gives better air circulation within shoes for making it fresh for long time of play.

About Mid Sole:  Mid sole of shoe is developed with the combination of tough bird light technology, Power cushion, Solid EVA and TPU.

Outer Sole:  Outer sole of this shoe is made of 100% rubber material with Hexagon outer sole shape. This shape is designed to deliver best in class traction force.

About Design and Look:

YONEX Aerus comes in two color scheme (1) Royal Blue and Yellow (2) Green and Yellow

Yonex used new printing pattern on shoes which uses welding technique. PU is welded on mesh with special printing. Base color of shoe is Royal blue while on top of that yellow color lining is provided.

Feedback: By initial checks, this shoe looks very attractive. With two color scheme, it will meet the style requirement of all type of players.



YONEX power cushion comfort Tour is another model which should be consider for buying list for professional badminton players. As its name indicates, it is designed to give ultimate cushioning to players. Designed with snug fit, YONEX POWER CUSHION COMFORT TOUR will offer players cushioning throughout the sole.

About Design and Look:

Power cushion comfort shoes comes in two color schemes (1) While and Blue (2) Red and White

YONEX used special colored scheme Red and Blue color PU for making the upper. With unique print pattern and colors, this shoe will be defiantly suit the style of aggressive players.



With Innovative Asymmetrical fit, this shoe gives best in class fitting comfort and feels to badminton players. While player feel better, so he can concentrate effectively on court. Its upper material PU leather which gives light weight feel. For making shoe suitable for better air circulation, shoe is equipped with high quality breathable mesh.

About Look and Feel:

This shoe comes in tow color scheme (1) Blue and Yellow (2) Red and Black

About YONEX 3 Layer Power Cushions:

All these shoes are equipped with Yonex patented technology called 3 Layer Power Cushion. In this technology, Yonex used hard top and bottom surfaces. Hard top and bottom surfaces absorb 30% shocks. Further, to improve the repulsion, soft material (EVA) is used at middle. Overall, this unit works as optimized shock absorbing device which gives unique combination of cushioning and comfort.


Badminton Players can check out the latest Yonex Badminton shoes at Khelmart.com



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