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VCORE Xi-98 is a tennis rackets of VCORE Xi series presented by Yonex in 1980. Its unique Isometric Head shape is about (98 sq. in). Yonex offered a breakthrough technology for this tennis rackets serie. Main thing is that, in conventional tennis racket, the head of the racket allow the limited area for the sweet spot but in Yonex’ series the advantage of Isometric Head is to increase the area of the sweet spot so that the hitting area could be increased and the ball would not be swung even after hitting off centre shot. This all is accomplished by increasing the no. of main as well as cross strings and it assigned 7% more sweet spot area. Its strings pattern is about 16/20. It is available in red colour only and having a dimension ( length- 27 in.* width range ( 22.0mm / 22.0mm / 21.0mm).
Yonex Tennis Rackets - Vcore Xi 98 @khelmart

Yonex Tennis Rackets – Vcore Xi 98 @khelmart

For giving the superior Inertia, Yonex placed weight at the 3 and 9 o’clock position of the frame of Tennis Rackets with the help of Integrated Power Weight System Technology. MICRO CORE is a foaming urethane having high density that is used for adjusting the weight and improves stability. Therefore power will be optimum. It (MICRO CORE ) is bring in directly into the top and wider areas of the frame for absorbing greater vibration. This is helpful for high powered shot, this may cause for generating vibrations.
The another technology that makes this tennis racket better is its 3D vector high deeper grooves shaft, that reduces the twisting of the frame and give accordingly stiffness and stability, that provides precise control at hitting time and helps in delivering more power.  In conventional tennis racket, the shaft is  square shaped that easily twists at the hitting time.
Oval Pressed Shaft technology used in this tennis racket makes available the ideal shaft flex for the racket and extends the stay time for the ball.
Super Cushioned Grip provides protection for wrist, forearm and elbow, against high speed shots.  The ambassador of this tennis rackets serices is Juan Monaco (ARG).
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