Badminton Rackets and Sweet Spot – Basic Guide

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If you are a serious Badminton Player then you must heard the terminology called sweet spot. If you are not aware of term sweet spot then it is important to know and understand it. Sweet Spot is a center part of Badminton Rackets (Head) which is located at the intersection of Badminton Strings. Knowledge
of Sweet Spot can greatly impact you game because it is point on which you can give maximum power on Badminton Shuttlecock.
sweet spot khelmart

sweet spot

In case , if a Badminton Player is able to hit the Shuttlecock at Sweet Spot then it will result into great sound and felling less vibrations in Badminton Rackets.
Following are the key benefits of hitting shuttlecock on sweet spot:
1.Batter Sound
2.Better Playing Experience
3.Lesser Vibration
4.More Power
5.Accurate Shot
It is known as Sheet Spot because when Badminton Player hit the shot from this area then it gives better experience and performance.
Location and Position of sweet spot is vary if you compare the different badminton rackets. Basically its depends on:
1.Badminton Rackets Technology
2.Head Shape of Racket
3.Design of Racket
4.String Tension
 If you put higher string tension then it will reduce the shape of sweet spot, So now you can understand why at start of this post I focus on understating the Sweet spot concept in detail.
If you are a beginner or you are trying to improve your playing style the it is recommended that you should chose a racket which larger sweet spot. This can be achieve be selecting a ISOMATRIC Badminton Head shape or reduced string tension.
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