How to Select Football Shoes

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If you are on the lookout for the best pair of football shoes, here’s a brief  guide on how to choose football shoes. In buying that perfect pair, make sure to  consider not just the style but also comfort. After all, you don’t want to be  have painful (sometimes crippling) foot sores after playing a football game.


Knowing the different kinds of shoes available will help you on how to choose  football shoes. The different types are:

Changeable studded boots – These have detachable studs that can be replaced  according to your needs and preference and depending on the type of surface you  will be playing on. This kind is ideal for unstable weather conditions.

Molded boots – These have multiple studs attached permanently onto the shoes’  sole.

Astro-turf shoes – These types consist of rubber soles and closely packed  studs. This kind is more apt for artificial surfaces.

Indoor football trainers – The soles of these shoes are made from gum so they  are best for indoor use.

Overall guide

In general, the things you should consider on how to choose football shoes  are the following: comfort, style, and durability. Choose football shoes that do  not have too much cleats as too strong a grip may lead to accidents and  injuries.

You should also know what type of surface you’re playing on so you can choose  the best type. For slippery surfaces, make sure to select football shoes that  have 12 to 18 studs. For hardened pitches, spike-covered soles are best, while  thick and long football shoes cleats are best for muddy surfaces.

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