All what you should know about Cricket Kits

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Cricket kits for all products
Cricket kits for all products

Cricket Kit is known as complete set of equipments which is required to play cricket safely. With proper Cricket Kit , player can play and enjoy the cricket game.

Following are the key items list which is important in kit:

Cricket Bat:



It is an important part of kit. Bat should be selected based on player’s playing style. Following are some key and important parameters need to check before select ant cricket bat.

  1. Types of Willow
  2. English Willow grade and its type
  3. Weight of the Cricket bat
  4. Size of Cricket Bat
  5. Cricket Bat Shape
  6. Cricket Bat Sweet spot Position
  7. Balance of Cricket Bat
  8. Bat Handle Type

To get better idea check following guide for selecting cricket bat.

Cricket Batting Gloves:

Batting gloves
Batting gloves

Batting gloves are important part of cricket kit as it gives protection to players finger from injuries. Following are the important qualities of Batting gloves:

Gloves should be lightweight in nature.


  1. It should consist of good flex so that player can easily grip the cricket bats.
  2. It should protect the player’s fingers from injuries.
  3. Batting gloves should be made of high density foam sheet so that it can absorb the impact load caused by cricket ball.
  4. Outer material of gloves should be made of high quality PU which can offer durable performance.
  5. Palm of gloves should be made of high quality leather which can offer water resistance performance and provide a good grip to player.
  6. Batting gloves should offer better air ventilation so that player can play long cricket innings without sweat.

Different type of cricket batting gloves are available in markets. Nowadays , Batting gloves with 3 cut section , HD foam , PU upper with calf leather is very popular.

Checkout the detail here

Batting Pads:

Batting Pads
Batting Pads

Batting pads are also very important part of cricket kit. Pads covers the player legs and protect from injuries.Batting pads should made of following key specifications:

  1. Pads should be lightweight in nature.
  2. Pads should be easy to use.
  3. It should developed with lightweight and high density foam.
  4. With Pads, player can run easily.
  5. Pads should be durable in use.
  6. Pads straps velcro should be durable in use.
  7. Top part flex of pads should be good.

Cricket Helmet:

Cricket Helmet
Cricket Helmet

In recent year few players died due to severe injuries caused by ball on player’s head. To avoid head injuries , right cricket helmet is crucial part of kit. Helmet should equipped with following key qualities:

  1. Helmet should give best possible vision of incoming ball towards players.
  2. Helmet fitting should be tight enough so that it remains intact during running.
  3. Girls of helmet should sustain balls impact.
  4. Helmet should be lightweight in nature.

Cricket shoes:

Cricket Shoes
Cricket Shoes

There are two types of shoes commonly used in cricket game. Rubber Stud and metal spikes. Most of the cricket bowler used bowling spike while batsman used the rubber stud shoes. Following are the key specification of cricket shoes:

  1. Cricket shoes should provide the best traction force to players.
  2. Weight of cricket shoes in around 250 gms to 380 gms (per shoe)
  3. Cricket shoes pasting should be good enough to sustain the players running impact load.

Cricket Thigh ,Arm and chest Guards:

Cricket Thigh Guards
Cricket Thigh Guards


Thigh guard and arm and chest guards are made of HD foam which can sustain the ball impact without failure. Following are the key specifications of guards.

  1. Guards should be made of HD durable foam.
  2. Straps of guards should be durable

Cricket Kit bags:

Cricket Kitbags
Cricket Kitbags

Cricket Kit bags caries complete kit equipment and cover then safe during transportation. Typically kitbags are classified into following categories.

Following are the key specificationgs of Kit bags:

  1. Carry Cricket Kit Bag
  2. Duffle Kit Bags
  3. Two Wheel Kit Bag
  4. Three Wheel Kit Bag
  5. Trolley Kit Bag
  6. Coffin Kit Bag
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