Babloat Top Selling Tennis Racquet in 2015

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In this blog we shall compare the best 5 tennis racquets of popular brand Babloat (Babloat Aero Pro Team Tennis racquet, Babloat Aero Pro Drive Tennis Racquet, Babloat Contact Tour Tennis Racquet, Babloat Pure drive Tennis Racquet and Babloat XS 102 tennis racquet). This blog will help tennis players in identifying the technical difference in these tennis racquets. Moreover, it will be give you a clear picture of tennis racquets on different technical parameters. Buyers can take wise decision after reading this blog.

Babloat top selling tennis racquets

Comparison of Babloat Tennis Racquet with Feedback:

Tennis Racquet Name Feedback
Babloat Aero Pro Team Tennis Racquet Aeropro team tennis racquet is specially designed for players who like more flexible and lighter weight tennis racquets. Babloat Company added the new features in the tennis racquets while graphics and design are very excellent. Babloat AEROPRO TEAM is equipped with the cortex damping system and GT technology. This technology helps in reducing the vibration of the tennis racquets and helps the player so that they can easily play the game and GT technology used for extra stability at ball impact.
Babloat Aeropro Drive Tennis Racquet Babolat Aero Drive tennis racquets are specially designed for innovative players this is the advance version of the tennis racquet. Advantage of this tennis racquet is Aero Modular Technology it allows for a more aerodynamic frame. This aero modular technology can increase up to the speed of Babloat tennis racquet about 15%. Increased Speed of Racquet helps in generating more power and spin, lot of air resistance still allows player to keep the racquet under control. The aero pro drive has been update with the new cortex technology at the top of the handle to provide a more solid feel. GT technology is the added feature of this tennis racquets. GT technology can be increase the racquet performance and powered through increased energy recovery
Babloat Contact Tour Tennis Racquet This Babloat contact tour tennis racquet is perfect for innovative players and for those who wants to improve and change their game. Babloat tennis racquet is a lighter weight racquet and it is very effective for players to change their direction of cricket ball as per the requirement of the game. The damping system reduces the tennis racquet vibration and players can play shot easily and with great comfort.
Babloat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Babolat Company launched the update version of the tennis racquet named as babolat pure drive; fans are very interested to try that racquet. The new feature of tennis racquet is Cortex Damping System it will reduce the tennis racquet vibration and will provide excellent comfortable for tennis players. This technology gives the perfect shots and extra control on shots. Player will enjoy the game with this new cortex technology which will helps in improving their game. The Cortex Technology is most effective for players and it gives the comfort level feel every player.
Babloat Xs 102 Tennis Racquet In the Babloat tennis racquets the XS stands for Xtra Sweetspot and this will allow you to hit more powerful tennis shots. This tennis racquet is light weight racquet. Babloat XS-102 tennis racquet provides a damping effect and a longer contact time between the ball and string. BABLOAT XS-102 uses a new pebax plastic material at the sides of the frame these string gives you a larger sweetspot and additional power with more string interaction in frame of racquet.


Comparison Chart of Babloat Tennis Racquet:

Tennis Racquet Name Babloat Aero Pro Team Tennis Racquet Babloat Aeropro Drive Tennis Racquet Babloat Contact Tour Tennis Racquet Babloat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Babloat Xs 102 Tennis Racquet
Head Size 100 sq. in. 100 sq. in. 105 sq. in. 100 sq. in. 102 sq. in.
Length 27in 27in 27in 27in 27in
Strung Weight 10.2oz 11.3oz 11.1oz 10oz
Balance 2 pts HL 4 pts HL 4 pts HL 4 pts HL
Swingweight 293 316 308  322
Stiffness 72 69 72 66
Beam Width 23mm / 26mm / 24mm / 23mm / 26mm / 24mm / 23.5mm / 26mm / 22.5mm / 22-24 mm
Composition Graphite Graphite Graphite Graphite 100% Graphite
Grip Type Syntec Syntec Babolat Syntec Uptake Grip
String Pattern 16×19 16×19 16×19 16×19 16×20


Comparison Based on Head Size, Length and Strung Weight Chart Image:


Comparison Based on head size length and strung weight image chart

Comparison Based on Balance, Swing weight and Stiffness Chart Image:

comparison based on balance swing weight and stiffness chart  image

Images of Babloat Tennis Racquet:

Image of Babloat Aero Pro Team Tennis Racquet:

babloat aero pro team tennis racquet

Image of Babloat Aeropro Drive Tennis Racquet:

Babloat aeropro drive tennis racquet

Image of Babloat Contact Tour Tennis Racquet:

Babloat contact tour tennis racquet

Image of Babloat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet:

babloat pure drive tennis racquet

Image of Babloat XS 102 Tennis Racquet:

babloat xs 102 tennis racquet



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