Best 5 Table Tennis Blade in 2015

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About this blog:

In this blog we shall compare the best 5 table tennis blades of popular brands (Stiga table tennis blades, GKI table tennis blade, Stag table tennis blade and Donic table tennis blade). This blog will help table tennis players in identifying the technical difference in these tennis blades. Moreover, it will be give you a clear picture of table tennis blades on different technical parameters. Buyers can take wise decision after reading this blog.

Best 5 Table Tennis Blades

Comparison of Table Tennis Blade with Feedback:

Table Tennis Blade Name Feedback
Stiga Rosewood NCT VII Table Tennis Blade Stiga Rosewood NCT VII is the blade for players who demand high speed, but won’t tolerate a loss of feeling, control and trajectory. Built with the unique combination of 7 plies of high-quality Rose- wood, this distinctive blend of technology and craftsmanship dra- matically increases the sweet spot and trajectory and maximizes the power of the blade. With Rosewood NCT VII a player gains maximum control when executing many variations of speed and strokes.
Stiga Ebenholz NCT V Table Tennis Blade A speed elastic blade like Ebenholz NCT V is suitable for all playing strategies of modern table tennis. The high quality and unique combination of the best wood plies in Ebenholz NCT V guarantees ambitious players maximum control even with many variations of speed and strokes. The Ebenholtz NCT V is a well-balanced state of the art blade that enables players of all abilities to play to their full potential. 5-ply all wood blade. STIGA NCT Wood: Changing the Way the Game is played. The STIGA NCT blades use the latest technologies — it is designed for the new era that begins with the ITTF speed glue ban in 2008.
GKI LI Kuang Tsu Carbon Ply Table Tennis Blade Latest expensive SST System Technology Super Fast Carbon Plyblade. Added advantage of this Ply is Players can increase or decrease the speed of the Ply according to the speed of different tables by adjusting the balance of the Plyblade.
Stag Triple Carbon Table Tennis Blade This racquet is best suited for table tennis players who follow an offensive style of playing. The racquet is made with a unique combination of wood with multiple layers of carbon. The combination of wood and carbon provides for lightning-like speed and remarkable control over the trajectory of the ping-pong ball. The racquet makes use of 7 individual plywood layers and 3 layers of carbon for unparalleled performance. Stag is a popular sports equipment company famous for their quality and durable sports equipments.
Donic Persson World Champion 89 Table Tennis Blade A specially developed drying procedure reduces the moisture content of all three types of blade from 12 to 16% to only 4%, resulting in a stable and light blade (Waldner and Persson blades weighing approx. 85g and the Appelgren All+ blade only 80g approx.) Each individual blade is subjected to a special cold press for 24 hours. The employment of our unique 3D-technology and the most recent bio technology ensures that the handle is in perfect shape. The fastest of the new blades.


Images of Table Tennis Blades:

Image of Stiga Ebenholz NCT V Table Tennis Blade:

Stiga Ebenholz NCT V Table Tennis Blade

Image of Stiga Rosewood NCT VII Table Tennis Blade:

Stiga Rosewood NCT VII Table Tennis Blade

Image of Donic Persson World Champion 89 Table Tennis Blade:

Image of Donic Persson OFF World Champion 89 Table Tennis Blade

Image of Stag Triple Carbon Table Tennis Blade

Image of Stag Triple Carbon Table Tennis Blade

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