Best Kookaburra Cricket Balls in 2017

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Kookaburra Cricket balls
are considered as best cricket balls in the word. Kookaburra Used specialized
leather processing technique which used alum tanned steer hide method for
processing the leather. Alum tanned processing method offers best in class
leather for durable play. Further, four piece stitching method offer best
finish and shine for long last ball use.

Following are the key specialty of Kookaburra Cricket Balls

Kookaburra Balls are made of best quality natural leather

Kookaburra balls are processed with alum tanned which gives better
quality leather balls for long lasting uses

Kookaburra used 6 wire technique to develop the cricket balls

With 6 wire assembly, ball offers best possible swing.

Inner core of ball is developed with high grade crock which gives
better bounce.



Following the best Kookaburra Cricket Ball in
Year 2017:

Kookaburra Super Test:

Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball

Kookaburra Super Test Cricket Ball

 Kookaburra super test cricket ball is one of the top line balls in complete kookaburra

balls. Leather of super test is processed with alum tanned. Leather ball is
coated with wax which gives long lasting performance. With skilled manpower stitching, super test once of the best cricket ball for advance level players.

Check out the details:
Kookaburra Club Match:

Kookaburra Club Match Cricket Ball

Kookaburra Club Match Cricket Ball

 Club match is another top selling model from house of Kookaburra cricket. It is made from grade A leather with alum tanned leather processing technique. Ball is prepared

by skilled operator with handmade stitching. High quality and durable inner
core offers best possible bounce to player.

 Kookaburra County Test:

Kookaburra County Test Cricket Ball

Kookaburra County Test Cricket Ball

County test is one of the best cricket ball in complete ball category of Kookaburra. Made from genuine grade A leather which is processes with state of art leather processing technique known as alum tanned.

Following are the key characteristics of County Test Balls:

·        Superb quality hand stitched 4-piece configuration with 4 layer

·        Made from Grade 1 alum tanned leather , waxed and finished to
Indian requirements

 Kookaburra Turf:

Kookaburra Turf Cricket Ball

Kookaburra Turf Cricket Ball

Turf cricket ball is developed by world number one ball manufacturer .i.e. Kookaburra.

·        Made from Elite quality and developed with four-piece
configuration while outer of ball is made from five layer quilted centre.

·        Turf is an international quality cricket ball which is developed
in Australia.
Made with piece configuration and finished with a generous layer of worsted
yarn winding and shined to Test Match requirements.

·        Five layers each of cork and worsted yarn, built up from a small
cork and rubber nucleus.

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