Complete Study of YONEX Nanoray GlanZ

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YONEX is world leader in producing the finest badminton rackets for all type of players with different playing skills. YONEX spend lots of effort of Research and Development on rackets design, its behavior and finally on manufacturing technology to produce world class badminton rackets. In this process they have launched a new racket in Nanoray series which belongs to head light configurations. This YONEX Badminton Racket will surprise you with its power, design and its largest frame design YONEX ever produces.

YONEX Nanoray Glanz
Get Farthest shuttle Flight with GlanZ
Sending shuttle to 3rd line of badminton court is always considered as wining mantra in badminton game. A player, who can send the shuttle to 3rd line of court will have always upper hand. With YONEX Nanoray GlanZ, Player will get more swing speed, Improved toque and optimum flex which will help in sending shuttle to 3rd line to court with minimum effort. With this additional feature, player will feel empowered and dominate in to game.

Innovative YONEX Nanoray GlanZ
About Nanoray GlanZ:
Nanoray Glanz is launched in 2015. It is a head light badminton racket from Yonex. Its weight is around 83 gms while available in G4 to G6 grips configurations. Yonex launched it on brilliant black color, and on which fine art work has been done with sky blue and light yellow color. Shaft of the racket is made of H.M. Graphite, NANOMETRIC ( HM graphite already established as a innovative material for badminton racket). Yonex used new material know as ReXil fiber which is the backbone of this racket.
Traditional, Nanoray series rackets are design for all-round type of badminton player who likes to sift the game from offensive to defense. Similarly this racket will also be suitable for offensive defense.
What’s New in Nanoray GlanZ
Innovation with ReXil fiber:
Yonex used ReXil fiber material for Nanoray GlanZ. It is new material which is developed with Yonex for improve the repulsion and shock absorption ability of racket. With this material, Player will feel more comfort and aggression during shot delivery.
Radical New Frame Design:

YONEX Nanoray Glanz- Design Concept
YONEX has turn the tradition design into new concept in which they have changed weight distribution pattern completely. Traditionally racket design is completed with thin frame top and thick frame bottom. YONEX completely revered the designed concept. Now for Nanoray GlanZ , YONEX use the thick frame top and thin frame bottom. With this design concept, Player will get high repulsion and high torque. With combination of both, it will give extreme power on badminton smash, accurate drop shots and fast drive shots.
Largest Frame in YONEX History:

YONEX Nanoray Glanz- Technology
In tradition isometric shape, Player gets concentrated sweet spot which is basically reduce the power during off center hits. YONEX first time enhance the shape of the racket frame and make it larger as compare to other rackets. With large frame, player will get more sweet spot area by which they can play more powerful shots.

Vertical “A” Concept:
With this concept, YONEX has changed the grommets position of main strings. Traditionally, main strings to be travelled through angled grommets which restrict the movement of sting grommets results into limited flex. With vertical A concept, YONEX putted grommets of main string vertically which insures the smooth string movement and gives best string flex.
As a summary, YONEX GlanZ Racket is new and innovative badminton racket which is designed for professional or advance badminton players. The specialty of this racket is that, it gives move power on shots even with small amount of energy putted by badminton player. With larger frame, player will get more hitting area and enlarged sweet spot. In fact, it is a largest frame YONEX ever produces.
Player can see the YONEX Nanoray GlanZ Badminton Racket at

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