Convertible Cricket Shoes from House of SG Cricket

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We got the new collection of convertible SG Cricket shoes for cricketers to abstract the optimum performance on cricket ground. Convertible SG shoes at khelmart will provide you the all round performance and super feel .SG Cricket putted new concepts and material together to deliver the best in class shoes. Being a professional or entry level cricket player following critical parameters needs to be properly evaluated before you go for cricket shoes shopping:
Cricket Shoes -1

Convertible SG Cricket Shoes -1

1.Mesh Material of shoes.
2.Toe Area and its shape.
4.Sole material and technology.
5.Mid shape of shoe.
Convertible  SG Cricket Shoes -2

Convertible SG Cricket Shoes -2

SG has developed the convertible shoes with breathable upper mesh which will give fresh air flow inside the shoe. As Toe area of a cricket shoe absorbs most of impact load during cricket game so it is desirable to have durable toe area to give long last performance. SG used Micro Fibber PU at toe area which will provide the durable and long serving shoe even in tough situation. C Max is the new technology used by SG to give comfort at every part of shoes. Grip of the sole Is important during play as it provide traction and speed. SG used FLX-V technology in the sole of shoes to optimized the traction force and to give speed & Flexibility. Further , to improve the flexibility and cushioning effect in sole following new materials and technology is placed:
Convertible  SG Cricket Shoes -3

Convertible SG Cricket Shoes -3

MID Sole :
This part of shoe provides cushioning feel during sock and impact load condition. To improve the cushioning effect , SG Used EVA (High Grade and lightweight) at middle sole. This special material absorb the shock and release it in controlled manner.
Upper Sole:
FLX-V at upper sole to improve the traction force  and flexibility.
TPU spikes provided at sole to make a perfect contact between ground and shoes. This will give an optimized performance and traction force to player.
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