Details of Omron HEM 7120

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About this Blog:

In this Blog we have listed all the Details of Omron HEM 7120 and specification of BP Monitor. This blog will help you to easily understand the technical specification of Omron BP Monitor. After reading this blog buyers can easily understand which monitor is best suitable for as per specific requirement.

About Omron HEM 7120:

It is a blood pressure checking monitor device with BP monitor. This BP machine weight is 250gm; people can easily carry this digital monitor. It is a light weight and one touch operation machine. This machine detects the irregular heart beat and body movements. It is blood pressure measurement machine which is very helpful to the BP patients, we can easily check the blood pressure in everywhere in any time.

It is equipped with excellent technology which will gives you 60 measurements with date and time. It is measured your blood pressure and pulse rate simply and quickly. This BP Monitor device gives you 99.9% accurate measurements which will help you in taking decision related to your health.
This BP Monitor is developed by Omron by Japanese technology and state of art manufacturing system. It is passed with very strict quality system of Omron. Omron is already sold the 100 million units around the globe.

Features of Omron HEM 7120:

  1. LCD size (LxW) 59mm x 43mm
  2. Weight (without batteries) 250g
  3. Battery life 1000 times (AAx4)
  4. Arm Cuff Fits arm circumference (22-32cm)
  5. Unit size 103(W)x80(H)x129(L)mm

Details Image of Omron HEM 7120

Details Image of Omron HEM-7120


Image of Omron HEM 7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor:

Omron HEM 7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


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