Difference between BDM Dynamic Power Super vs SS Master 7000

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About Comparison:

Comparision Bat Images_1
Comparision Bat Images_1

We have chosen two best and Grade 1 English Willow Cricket bats of two good brands for comparison so that player will get an idea which bat to pick. SS cricket is top notch brand in India for producing the quality cricketing equipment while diehard BDM lovers only go for BDM cricket bats. BDM have a unique Bat shape with traditional manufacturing technique while ss produces cricket equipments by considering demands of modern game.

In this blog we shall compare the two bat with latest technique so that player will get best possible information on comparison.

Profile and Spin Comparison_2
Profile and Spin Comparison_2

About BDM Dynamic Power Super:


This bat is made of grade A English Willow cleft which gives super fine willow cleft for best possible ping and stroke. Willow is compressed with standard BDM processes to give players perfect playing surface.Player will get 8 to 9 straight grains in this bat. This bat is designed with Aerodynamic shape which offers best bat maneuverability and swing.

Following are the key characteristics of BDM dynamic Power super bat:

  • Equipped with large and massive sweet spot which offer superb power on shots.
  • Sweet Spot position in Mid .
  • Bat comes with 12 piece swark cane handle for better flex and control.
  • Edge thickness in around 42 mm .
  • Very nice balance and pickup of the bat.
  • Superb swing of the bat.

About SS Master 7000 Cricket Bat:


Master 7000 is another good bat which is made from selected grade A English cleft. Bat is equipped with full back profile with little con-caving

at toe area. Toe is kept as little flat so that balance of the bat can be optimized towards handle side. Player will get 6 to 8 grains profile , clear face without any blemishes on front face of the bat. Sweet spot position of bat is kept as mid to low which generate massive swing and offer huge playing area. Players with attacking playing style will like this bat most. Face of that bat is flat while edge thickness will be around 41 mm. The combination of flat face and big edge will provide player a power face to play big hits. Weight of the bat will be around 1150 to 1240 gms

Following are the key characteristics of SS Master 7000:


  • Sweet Spot position is Mid to Low.
  • Developed with Grade A English Willow cleft
  • Suitable for attacking type of game.
  • Developed for advance to intermediate Cricket players.

With Above mentioned specification , player can compare both the bats for taking better decision.

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