ICC Cricket World Cup – Basic Guide

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ICC( International Cricket Council) organised a Premier International Championship only for men’s is called ICC Cricket World Cup. This is world’s forth biggest and most viewed playing event as soccer world cup and Olympics are. This is the one day tournament and is organised every four years . Australia is the most winner team and gained four titles, West indies and India have won two times while Pakistan and Sri- Lanka have won only once.
•First Inaugural Cricket world cup was held in England in 1975. This is officially known as Prudential World cup after sponsor. On the other hand first cricket world cup for women’s had been held every four year since 1973. 8 separate teams( Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and the West Indies( the six Test nations at the time), together with Sri Lanka and a composite team from East Africa. South Africa were banned from international cricket due to apartheid. ) had been participated for this tournament. The tournament was won by the West Indies, who defeated Australia by 17 runs in the final.
•Second World Cup was hosted in 1979 in England for ICC Trophy to select non- test playing teams with Sri-Lanka and Canada qualifying . West Indies defeated the host England by 92 runs in the final and the second consecutive world cup was allotted by the West Indies again. This makes the competition a quadrennial event.
•In 1987, First time outside England, India sponsored tournament named Reliance World Cup was conducted in India and Pakistan. Because of Shorter daylight hours in India and Pakistan, the current standard of the per inning overs is reduced from 60 to 50. Australia defeated England by 7 runs and won the crown of championship on their head.
•In 1992, World Cup won by Pakistan after defeating England by 22 runs, This tournament was held in Australia and New Zealand. Many changes had been occurred in this tournament( related to coloured clothing, day/night timings, ball colour and fielding restrictions).  South Africa participated first time after apartheid regime.
•India hosted second time tournament with addition to Sri-Lanka as host for some of matches in 1996, Sri- Lanka defeated India in semi- Final and got victory on Australia by 7 wickets.
•In 2003 World Cup, hosted by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Australia defeated India by 125 runs. By the concern of security, New Zealand team refused to play in Kenya enabled Kenya to reach semi- final. The no. of team participating Is altered from 12 to 14.
•India, Bangladesh and Sri- Lanka were Jointly hosted the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Pakistan  was banned for Hosting due to terrorist attack on the Sri- Lankan Cricket Team. This was the tenth tournament of the World Cup. This is first time in World cup history that two Asian teams (India and Sri- Lanka) appeared in final.
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