Latest Badminton Racket By Yonex in 2015

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Yonex has introduced 3 Models in Year 2015:.

1- Yonex Voltric Force Badminton Racket

2- Yonex Nanoray Speed Badminton Racket

3- Yonex Arcsaber 4DX Badminton Racket

1-Yonex Voltric Force Badminton Racket:

This Yonex Voltric Series Racket is developed with Improved Tri Voltage System which is designed to give fast racket handling and powerful smashes. It is a head heavy badminton racket but due to aero dynamic fame, this racket gives extremely fast racket swing which helps in placing fast drive shots and quick drops shots. Badminton Players with this racket can perform fast cross court shots. It is latest release in 2015 by YONEX in intermediate Racket series. This racket will be suited for intermediate Badminton players who want more power with fast racket swing. Its weight is around 83 Gms while available in G4 and G5 Grips options. Its Flex is stiff which gives opportunity handle lightening fast racket repulsion. It is available in Black base color on which orange color graphic give all together a different look to it.

Improve the Smash Power with Voltric Tri I Bumper 

YONEX Voltric Force Badminton Racket is Equipped with Tri I Bumper Technology in which grommets are made of infused tungsten. These types of advance grommets are self lubricants in nature and offer super friction free surface. Due to this configuration, contact time between shuttle and string bed extended and give maximum power transfer to shuttle. Overall, Player gets maximum power during smash hitting.

Get More Power and Swing with Tri Voltage System
This racket is developed with revolutionary Tri-Voltage System which offers great speed and maximum power on shots. For the first time, the new TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM successfully combines the contrasting characteristics of exceptional power and great handling. YONEX has developed a racquet which achieves the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling

Image of Voltric Force Badminton Racket:

Yonex Voltric Force Badminton Racket

2-Yonex Nanoray Speed Badminton Racket:

YONEX Nanoray Speed is the latest 2015 model in Nanoray Series by YONEX. It is developed for those who want lightening fast racket handling. It is a stiff racket which gives good repulsion by which player can perform better shots. Its weight is around 88 Gms while it is available in G3 to G5 grips. Frame Material is H.M. Graphite while shaft is made of H.M. Graphite, NANOMESH, CARBON NANOTUNBE. It is available in black base color on which yellow color graphic is provided.

More Power with SNAP BACK ZONE 
YONEX Nanoray Speed is developed with innovative frame in which racket head is made thinner at mid way on either side. This type of frame head design give most perfect repulsion of racket frame and put maximum power on shuttle. This is known as Snap Back and gives maximum power on shots.
Optimized Flex with HORIZONTAL-A CONCEPT 
NANORAY Speed is equipped with HORIZONTAL-A CONCEPT . The pattern anchors 4 strings horizontally to allow greater flex in the string bed and to create an enlarged sweet spot at the top of the frame. With Enlarge sweet spot player get maximum power and opportunity to hit off center shots with more power.

Image of Yonex Nanoray Speed Badminton Racket:

Yonex Nanoray Speed Badminton Racket

3-Yonex Arcsaber 4 DX Badminton Racket:

YONEX Arcsaber 4DX is developed with DX Frame technology by YONEX. In this frame is designed with wider trench so that impact shock is reduced by distributing weight pressure over a larger area. With uniform weight distribution over frame gives unmatched racket control for accurate shuttle placement. It is also eliminate the distortion of frame which results into more accuracy and extra power in shots. This racket is latest release in Arcsaber Series and developed for intermediate Badminton players. Its frame is made of graphite and NANOAIR SPRING while shaft is made of full graphite. Weight of Arcsaber 4Dx is around 88 Gms while it is available in G4 and G5 Grip configurations. It is stiff racket which gives superb repulsion and extra power in badminton smashes. Players can effectively hit the powerful smashes and 3rd line shots. It is available in Back and Orange Color. It is manufactured in Taiwan.

Innovative NANOAIR SPRING for Frame Manufacturing 
YONEX Arcsaber 4Dx frame is developed with NANOAIR SPRING material. NANOAIR SPRING is revolutionary material which is made of carbon fiber resin. This material acts like a spring and exert the extra power on badminton shots. Overall, NANOAIR SPRING frame give better energy transfer from string bed and put extreme power on shuttle.

Yonex ArcSaber 4DX Badminton Racket

About Voltric series

Yonex Badminton Rackets series is innovative series in YONEX badminton racket. Aggressive players use most this racket series which will give you heavy head and more smash power. It is common fact in badminton rackets, if racket weight is move towards the head of racket frame then badminton racket offers maximum power in badminton smashes. Heavy head racket helps in generating more power in badminton smashes. However if racket is head heavy then it will be slow to move in air. YONEX introduces the TRI Voltage System in which first time player can achieve power along with fast racket swing speed. YONEX Voltric racket series gives you fast racket handling and more power. Voltric racket series is perfect for all rounder players. YONEX Used state of art racket technologies in Voltric Series, Mainly Tri-voltage system, Isometric Technology, Tri-ibumper, Control Support Cap, Built-in T-joint technology and New Grommet Pattern.

Technology of  Yonex  Racket:

Isometric Technology

Isometric technology is designed the square shape head size which will give you vertical string in same length. it will help to provide you extra large sweet spot in all direction. With extra large sweet spot players can easily place the shot with increased power.

Image of Isometric Technology:

isometric image

Control Support Cap Technology:

Yonex badminton racket control support cap provides 88% wider flat surface to racket. With the help of Control Support Cap player can easily grip the racket which will give you sharpest maneuverability.

Image of Control Support Cap:


TRI-iBUMPER Technology:

In Tri-ibumper technology tungsten infused grommets are used which helps to maximize the contact time between shuttle and string. This technology combines with tri voltage system gives you better flexibility in controlled way, string bed hold the shuttle for maximum time and  will give you better  power to transfer the shuttle.

Image of Tri-ibumper:


New Grommet Pattern Technology:

This is a new technology of badminton rackets. New Grommet pattern technology gives you single pass grommet hole construction in rackets and provide more grommet hole in this rackets and gives you the high performance.

Image of New Grommet Pattern:



Yonex racket is comes with new technology Tri-voltage system this technology is equipped with more power and great handling. Yonex has developed a new badminton racket which gives you perfect combination of heavy smashes and speed racket handling.

Yonex Voltric with more power

In this series of rackets, the top part of frame is kept stiff which will provide you to bending of the racket frame head in controlled way and hold the shuttle on the string bed for longer time and gives you perfect shot with more control. This will also ensures the perfect placement of shuttlecock in opponent’s court. To make the frame flexible, side of frame is kept as thinner. This configuration will give you more flexibility and transfer more speed to the shuttle. These combinations provide you smash with instant power. Overall, Tri voltage is designed to give players more power and lighting fast shuttle speed.

Yonex Voltric with more agility

To give better racket balance, YONEX has putted the racket weight balance at top of frame and joint area, which will provide you perfect handling and maintain power. The thin side frames reduces the air resistance and improve the handling the racket. This technology is mainly used for players to help more swing during the shot.

Image of Tri-Voltage System:

tri voltage system image


Built-in T-joint Technology:

Moulded deep into the layers of graphite where the frame connects with the shaft, the YONEX Built-in T-Joint creates a durable and high-strength one-piece frame that is torque-free.

Image of Built-in T-joint Technology:


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