Review of LiNing N90 III Generation Badminton Racket

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LiNing N90 III Generation Badminton Racket:


N90 is most popular in pro badminton player community. It is best suited for attacking game style of play. Racket is built on 3D break Free technology. 3D break free technology gives better aerodynamics of racket frame which results into less air resistance and better swing speed. As a comparison , Racket with 3d breakfree technology gives 4.9 % better swing speed.

N90III Gen racket is developed with Military Grade Carbon Fiber material. This type of carbon fiber material is very lightweight in nature but gives better strength , stiffness and power on smashes. This racket is available in 85 gms of weight , while its flex is medium.

Technologies Used in LI Ning N 90 III Racket:

LINING Dynamic Optimum Frame Technology_2
LINING Dynamic Optimum Frame Technology_2

Improved Sweet spot by DOF (Dynamic Optimum Frame)

Sweet spot is considered as an area where player get maximum power. Badminton players always want to make a shuttle contact at sweet spot. If player will get enlarged sweet spot then it will be an added advantage for them. It is developed with Dynamic Optimum Frame technology which gives enlarged sweet spot results into more hitting area for badminton player.

TB Nano Powertec:

LINING TB Nano Powertec Technology_3
LINING TB Nano Powertec Technology_3

LI Ning Used high grade nanometer material with perfect bonding of material. Advance nanometer graphite material gives 20% better strength without compromising the racket weight. It means , Racket gives better strength with optimized weight.

Turbocharging Technology:

LINING Turbo charging Technology_4
LINING Turbo charging Technology_4

Li Ning Introduces the New and Innovative Racket Technology known as Turbocharging. This Technology mainly used in automobile to get more power to engine. Racket  is developed with turbo technology to enhance to smash speed. Li Ning adopt and new & innovative frame design based on turbocharging concept which give better frame design with considering all the aerodynamic design basics. With All new features, Li Ning gives best in class racket experience with following statistics:

Wing Stabilizer:

When shuttle hit the racket string bed then due to impact of shuttle, Racket frame goes into deformation. If a racket material or by some advance technology, racket quickly regain its original position then badminton player will get added advantage to get ready for next shot. Moreover, it will also give less distortion and improve the accuracy for better shuttle placement to opponent court. Wing stabilizer is used in aviation industry and Li Ning first time uses this technology in racket design. By adopting the wing stabilizer technology, player will get more control, accuracy.

Review of Li Ning N90 III

Response from 3rd Line:

Main USP of this racket is its power. With 3D breakfree technology , N90 shows excellent power from 3rd Line. Racket power is similar to Z force series of racket when compared to 3rd Line clears. During smash we feld some power loss but that may be due to its medium flex nature. It is difficult to compare the power on smash with by Z Force series of rackets.

Response on Net Area:

Being a head heavy racket , handling racket at net area required lots of adjustment. But N90 III gives lightweight feel. Its aerodynamically designed frame offers better racket maneuverability. With easy racket handling , we found that drop shots , handling shuttle at net area is easy as compare to same price racket in Yonex.


This racket is specifically designed for single game player who wants win the game with lots of power on shots. Racket handling is good at net area.  With lots of new features Li Ning could maintain the fast racket handling which helps in quick drives and returns.

Badminton Players can checkout the full range of Li Ning Badminton Rackets at


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